Friday, May 15, 2009

My update and some pictures

I have been receiving cards fom people, but the best thing I have received are new pictures from Jennifer of my three great-grandchildren way off in the far away land of Ohio, and I want to share them with you.

Alexander Taylor ........ One year old this month of May 2009

Kaitlyn Nicole ........ Three years old in February 2009

Matthew James ....... Six years old July 2009

Kaitlyn and Matthew having some fun time loving each other!

I am still taking Macrobid for my UTI, but it does not look like it is knocking out the infection. We'll see. Wil it be the same, same old story as of long ago? As I say, we'll see. Gubin says as long as I have the kidney stones, I'll be battling infections. That sure fits my history. Why does each doctor have to go through it, experience it with me before they believe it. What do they think I am anyway? Sometimes I think maybe a lab monkey. "Put her through it again, she can take it."

There is visible rectal bleeding, increasing whenever I sit for any length of time, on my bed or in my chair. Gee, does this mean I am to forever and a day remain supine? Ummm, Dr. Osborne, could you explain this one for me please? I thought the ulcer was healing nicely.

Now I've added this wheezing with a productive cough to the mixture. Why can't I just leave well enough (on, no kind of pun intended there at all.... lol.... well enough!) alone.

My Myasthenia is very, very bad and I am not sure who is supposed to do what, but someone needs to contact Cauli and if no one is going to follow up on the IVIG debaucle, then I need my medicine adjusted before I end up in a full, blown out crisis. He at least needs to know I am having so much trouble breathing. No one knows enough about MG to understand what is going on. I need to do some re-reading. Might even post on the MML list and pose a question or two that is bothering me. Any myasthenics reading that might have a clue or an answer, please leave a note or your email address where I might contact you.

The nursing staff is still doing a good job of maintaining pain control. I appreciate that.

Till we meet again

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