Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ashton comes to visit . . .

. . . . as does Ashley and Billy.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, prefect in all ways. We took forty-four (44) pictures, and I have to go through and decide how many and which ones to share here with you. It was just such an awesome day, even more than I was expecting it to be. They even had a flat in Lake City, and that did not put a damper on things.

Ashley had gone by the house and brought several photo albums, my red rose plant (I'm wanting my yellow daffodils and hydrangea, too), and my dark brown wicker basket set. We just sat around and talked about my room space at first, and what we might could do. Pictures, pictures, pictures. It was close to lunch time so they went on to the mall and Target while I had my lunch here. Twiddle, twiddle. Tick, tock, tick, tock, it's three o'clock. Where in the world are those kids? We've had no visit time. Don't worry 'bout the decor time; it can wait for another day. Oh, where oh where have the big kids gone (the little one will be wherever they are), oh, where oh where CAN they be? They have my debit card, which won't last for long.....oh, where oh where can they be? Let's see.....they had to go to Wal-Mart photo for some developing.....lunch was surely a necessity (you'll see :) for Ashton......Target with the list we made which was quite conservative when you take Ashley and me into consideration.

Finally. Only one hearing aid in, and I thought I heard small footsteps coming down the hall. Yep! Here he comes bouncing down the hall (I'm in the last room on the right) like he knows where he is going. Oh, if he has been coming along like that all the way, then he surely has been turning heads right and left, smiles and maybe a comment or two. Here they come loopty loo, here they come loopty lie, here they come down the hall, quick now let's see what all they've gotten for me.

I know....let's just take a look.....

Turtle Creek Mall - Food Court
Looks like Ashton's french fried are on the table
and his cup is upside down.

What makes Daddy think he should eat, too?
Ashton's all finished, and ready to go.
Way to go. Don't waste any time, Ashton.

Oh, but Mommy wants me to sit back down.
Better do what she says.

Not sure where they are,
but Ashton is having lots of fun!

Looks like storage buildings,
and Mommy's acting silly again.

They are in Wal-Mart gettig some pictures printed.
Ashton's keeping up with Mommy's wallet.

Mommy's standing in line,
at the photo section at Wal-Mart.

"Hmmm, wonder what all of that is for?"
Baby Emma gets into the pictures, too.But he wants it now!
I bought him a Tonka truck.
I started buying those 44 years ago
.Ashton is sad.
Mommy catches a good picture of his sad look.He wants something reeeeely bad.
Reeeeely bad!

Back to my room. Ashley has fixed a picture frame that holds nine pictures.
She has filled it all with pictures of Ashton. I will take a picture of it whenever I am up again. It has a 3-D kind of effect because of the way it is multilayered.

Billy stood there while Ashley showed
him where to put everything. ;-)
Way to go Ashley!

Ashton wanted to help.Ashley is looking at long ago pictures of herself,
seeing things she had forgotten about.

She got Billy to put his chair over beside her
so she could show them to him, too.
Ashton was so good to play with his toys. He never got into anything. I think there might have been one time that he started to touch something, but a "no" from Mommy and Daddy, and he came away, and never went back. He played in this small space of my room, and never fussed, or got cranky. He reminded me so much of his uncle. The only thing in the future that *might* require some stronger disciple is with my chair. He *does* love that. He just doesn't know that Christen has already pegged that for whenever I time soon!Just a snapshot as Ashton and I were playing.
He was all smiles just until I snapped the camera,
but I like this.

Another one that I like.
He is so pretty, so sweet.
He sat in my lap while we
watched Mommy work.

Ashley and Billy; Ashley making a list for a
Sonic order that Billy was going to go get.
Just acting silly!Ashley finishing up the Sonic list.
When he got back there was only one thing not on the list.
He had a little boy asleep on his shoulder.

We fixed him a place at the foot of my bed, our feet touching. He was lying on my Razorback throw, but he woke when Billy laid him down. It was all okay when Mommy fixed his Sonic Burger and French Fries, as you can see here.
He is facing me on my bed. Makes me soooo very happy.
He also sat with me in my chair.

Ashley and I watched him eat a french fry without hands.
He inched it into his mouth little by little.
He's a mess!

Now I have a couple of stories to tell.

First, this nursing home alows pets to visit (big hint), and yesterday someone came in through the door just outside my room, with a large dog on a leash. It startled Ashton, and he ran behind where his daddy was sitting, which was still facing the door. He looked at me - *I* am Mammaw he's not seen much - pointed to the door and said, "Dog." So we went through the "yes" dog bit, and then he reached out his upturned hands, and gave the expression with a vocal sound of "go?" He then looked over to the door, back to me, reached his hands out, cocked his head, and with the "go" sound again. He also said dog a few times in there, too. Heh heh... that's my boy. ;-)

We had use of the room most of the day because Thelma was out and about so much. Some of the time she was just outside our door in the hallway just watching him, smiling to him, etc. Well, while he was eating his hamburger he took the meat out. Thelma was inside the door, and she said to him to give her a bite. I was shocked when he took his hamburger patty, and with outstretched arm, offered it to her. I heard her tell some people about him taking to her.

The camera battery charged so I was able to get a picture of my wall so far, and I do mean so far because there is much, much more I have planned to do.

This is the wall that my bed is up against length-wise.
That is a frame with pictures of Ashton,
and on the right is the 65th birthday picture that Ashley drew for me.
I've been trying to get it hung on the wall for almost two yeas,
and am SO very happy to be able to do so where so many can see it.

These are the bookshelves Jim
and Jimbo got for me a couple of weeks ago.
Ashley got a good start at making them look better.
She put all of my perfumes and like stuff in the big
dark brown wicker basket. I liked the sunglasses on the bear.
Everyone has been commenting on my shelves before now,
so they really will now. They look nice.

Okay, this is it. I'm publishing this and going on to put the pictures on Facebook, and also install my new computer, the order of which I am not certain. This is long, I know, but it was such a marvelous day, I just had to tell about all of it. If you have read this far, I thank you very much.

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