Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Antibiotics to the rescue!

I started on a round of antibiotic for the bronchitis, Zithromax Z-PAK , two days ago, and already there is marked improvement. I have not coughed one single time today. Better than that, though, I am feeling much better. Infections knock me down more than just about anything else other than a lot of doctor appointments back to back like they were just a bit ago.

I need to see about a follow-up with Connie (ophthalmologist), especially since I have infections in both eyes again, and I never got to have my follow-up from the previous one due to my hospitalization. I sure don't want my eye to get as bad as that right one did back at the end of March.

It is encouraging that I am as functional during this bad spell with my myasthenia. Once the infections are cleared it will be a truer test of how I really am doing, and I am expecting *better than before* results.

Ashley, Billy, and Ashton were here, and I was able to enjoy, and participate in their *decorating visit*, plus play with Ashton. ::: great big smile ::: I cannot remember the last time I have had so many *fun days* in a row in such a long, long time. After a longer stretch, it will be a better barometer, but I just BELIEVE.

So much for now. There is more to tell about today's *decorating visit* from the kids, and it is much more exciting than all of this kind of stuff.

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