Monday, May 11, 2009

Settling in

Mother's Day weekend was very good. Jim, Jimbo, Donnie, and Debbie came over Saturday to take me out to eat. My choice. Where else. Ruby Tuesday's for some ribs. This will probably satisfy me for ribs for a while now. They all got here about mid afteroon. I was soooo happy to see all of them. Jimbo brought me some pictures of the three of them from 1972 when we were staying in Kay, Utah, while waiting on base housing at Hill Air Force Base. Robert "Bobby" had his birthday while there, and these pictures were made then. He also gave me a picture of himself in the field, and one of him and Donnie. I took them to breakfast with me Sunday morning to share with my tablemates, Jackie and Dolly (Norma is talking more now).

I showed Jim that I needed some place to put my things, some drawers maybe. He and Jimbo went to Wal-Mart to get me something probably like I have beside my bed at home. He called from there that they didn't have anything like that, and would some shelveds be okay. I told him they knew the need, so anything they found would be fine. They came back with a 5-shelf wooden unit. MUCH more than I ever expected. Then it just had to be put together when they got back here with it. WOW! Great! That'll work. Thanks guys.

While they were outside putting the shelves together, "the girls" were inside talking. I really wanted to know what they thought about it here, and my future, whether it was feasible that I would ever be able to go home permanently. It is hard for me to imagine knowinly and willingly putting Jim and me under the stress of that situation again. We had just ended up in that situation over the past few years, adapting as things popped up, not knowing all the options available, nor other ways of doing things. So is this a permanent situation? I don't know, but it really seems to be pointing in that direction. After two to three months of freedom to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, I imagine Jim would find it hard to go back to that way of living again, even though he did say all he wanted was for him and me there, the two of us with our furbabies, and the services we might get from Medicade. Could we do it? I really don't know, but it looks daunting right now.

I did not qualify for rehab because it was felt I could not, would not get better through the use of rehab. Here I am doing some upper body with Anna. Actually, it is just my arms with a 1 lb bar, going back and forth. Simple, but after a few repitions the myasthenia will have them weakened and non-functional; repetition is what they look for in rehab. Too bad.

Oh, did we enjoy our time at Ruby Tuesday's. I ate a whole slab of ribs.....all by myself. Jimbo drained the restaurant of all their iced tea! Laughter was free and abundant, especially so between siblings as the rest of us looked on!

We all said good-bye back here. I was too tired to do anything then, but Sunday I started working on putting things in my shelves. Slowly but surely things are taking place. Slowly MG style. A good spell here, a bad spell there. Rest, rest. Always a necessity (and Medicare is wanting proof of my Myasthenia diagosis after all this time).

I can't take pictures in here so I'm going to try my hand at sketching what I see. Can I do it? I don't know but I'm going to try. I'm also having computer problems. This one is crashing every few hours. Makes me wonder when will be the last time. I bought it off the shelf at Wal-Mart, and have not warranty on it. It was just something to get me by temporarily. Sounds like the temporarily is about over. I've been shopping online, and do not like doing that, buying one sight unseen, but I know of nothing else to do.

Updating my condition.....blood is showing up again. I don't know if my doctor has been notified or not, but this is what got me six trans fusions. Let's just hope it doesn't reach the flowing stage. I will keep you informed.

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