Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The painful part of softball . . .

Quick, quick! What is it do you think? Not my blonde hair thirteen year old granddaughter? Her mother had called, and I heard that drop in his voice, though not knowing what/when it was about. Serious? There is no doubt for why would a mother cancel the plans of a thirteen year old!

Well, my goodness, I heard him say. Hmmmm............ I have to wait until he is off the telephone to get all the uglies, and this must be one of thosies, so it might be a while before I hear a while. Frightening! So here he comes with the verdict of the 13 y/o soft ball player. Hit in the face with the soft ball! Oooooo! My. Hey! Maybe cause for use of orange today.

That is cause for blog pictures for sure!
Her request. Her fulfillment.
Her fave pic. Did you ever have a favorite *smashing* picture, and you made sure you had a picture made in it? Love it, don't you?
My girl!

One other picture we took for good measure

Toodles Christen
Love, ya!
Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Debbie (the Momma) said...

Words cannot begin to describe the feeling of seeing your Baby Girl slam her glove in the dirt and "dance" around while she's holding her face!! Twenty steps felt like two miles!! It definitely beat out all the other bumps, bruises and scrapes that has become typical with this player!!

ragdoll said...

Well,debbie (the momma) said...

Since I am the mother of the Original Baby Girl I understand what you are talking about, and if there is anything else you could add to her behavior after being hit in the face, please go ahead and write it here. You surely have the approval of the grandmother of the Original Baby Girl

Hmmm... whatever it is, you have it!