Friday, June 27, 2008

Thinking of my special nurse *Ernest*

I woke to a very good morning. How was yours? We usually feel like if the sun is shinning, we have a song in our heart, a bounce in our step, that we are off to the start of a good day, and look forward to what is ahead, usually with a zip more energy than usual. Whenever you feel this way, do you ever think about the people elsewhere that are not waking to such a good day as you are? It's hard to isn't it? There have been times that have been bad day for me, and I've thought about all the people out there going their way, unaware of the sadness I am experiencing. There's no reason they should know what my family and I are going through, but I am aware of the world still going on as normal while ours is coping with a hardship of some kind.

Today is one of those days that my world was spinning along normally, maybe even a bit ahead of schedule, and then I find out something that just knocks it totally off its axis, sending it into an awful *whirlwind* out in space somewhere it seems.

Shirley, from the lab, whom I'm always so glad to see, brought bad news today. Ernest (and here ) is in the Med, having been in a horrible accident, a head on collision with an 18 wheeler.

She said he had had two brain surgeries, and other operations, both internal organs and some extremities. She is to get me some more details, but it does NOT look good at all. Not at all. Oh, bless his heart. It is just so hard for this to sink in as reality! He is such a beautiful person. He has told me that whenever I am here and he is on duty, that he will be my nurse, and he has been. . . until this time.

He works extra shifts to make the money to put his children through college, and to provide them with what they need to get down the road today to get started there.

I did not actually say it, but I am in the hospital right now where Ernest works. Guess I was just assuming you figured that out from what I said above. But just say the word/name Ernest, and you get an immediate reaction. He is in everyone's heart. I am told his mother comes from Dyersburg to Memphis to the hospital where he is, every day. When I expressed concern about her driving that road, they said someone drives her down here. They are collecting a fund for her, for the expenses encountered by these trips. Oh, I tell, you, it just makes me shaky all over thinking about Ernest and his whole family.

Those children. No doubt he knows about taking care of family, and family stuff. If you haven't gone back and read those links above, please do so, for they were written at the time.

I could just go on and on, but I guess I would only be saying the same things over and over only with different words, and in different ways. If more comes my way, I'll be sure to post an entry here. There are some interesting baseball tidbits that Jim knows about that I will have to edit here later. An interesting man altogether. Loved by all that I know.

Remember Ernest. He needs our prayers.

Love to you Ernest. The Lord, the Great Physician be with you.

Ragdoll Billie

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