Monday, June 16, 2008

Mestinon check-up

Difficulty breathing woke me early Monday morning. That is not something I want to fool around with, so I took 60 mg Mestinon. Nothing more than that, though, no 180 mg timespan, for the rest of the day, and my vision has remained good except for the dryness of the Sjogren's. I will still keep on with the daily check, assessing and adding the medicine depending on whatever I am experiencing.

Now that was a short day, for here we are into Tuesday already after just a few sentences. That bespeaks of the busy-ness around here Monday! All of that brings back memories of the days when my three were young, all teenagers, and each with friends of their own.

Tuesday, I waken at noon when Debbie comes home; it finds me feeling a little on the tired side, but that could be from several sources. It was a busy night around here last night. Well, not in the earlier evening. These girls are as bad as I am for their late hours, but I don't do noise level the way they do!

Being careful, I thought it wise to take 30 mg of Mestinon. Call it a compromise. The 60 mg gave me too much blurriness, and tears Monday. The vision is still good, though. *That* is so encouraging to use my eyes this much and be able to keep my monitor sight so good and clear. At home I'd whine with my cheese about my loss of vision to Jim, "Am I ever to be able to see clearly, ever again?" Right now as I look at my monitor the letters are clear except for following a blink. There is tearing, now . . . another sign of maybe too much Mestinon.

The tremors. No shakes for at least two days now. That was a notable difference when beginning the Mestinon - hand control. Oh, it wasn't like someone normal, but so much improved. I could write. I could sign my name. Jim and I were so excited when we returned to Dr. Saeed's office after being on the Mestinon for a bit, and told him what a difference the medicine had made. Little things. Little things to some, but to some, it is mammoth! Isn't it strange how nice, important seemingly small things are until they are compromised, and then are returned to you in at least some small measure.

Here it is, later in the day Tuesday, a little after 5:00, and there is yet another a difference with the eyes. Blink. They blur, then it takes longer for them to clear, unlike earlier today and yesterday. The hour is now late, and I have had fun reading and doing photo graphics today and tonight, creating my first video from photos. Along with the fun, unfortunately blurriness has increased. Headache booms from behind the left eye and on down as usual with lots of background noise adding to the mix. Noise solution: remove hearing aids. Silence. Total silence.

Hush-a-bye baby. Baby's got a bottle. Baby's happy now. Baby's quiet. All is quiet from the playpen. Adorably sweet baby. Signal for calling it a day.

Oh, it is so hard to stop, though, especially now, after my ability is returning with such fervor. Oh, wow! Now, I remember why my graphics's program used to be the first program I would open, and it would stay open as long as my computer was running. We're talking non-stop. The excitement is as it was when I first started taking the Mestinon, and the changes that came with that, which I described earlier.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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