Monday, June 2, 2008

Have your graphics and myasthenia, too

There has to be a reason not to get a subject posted when it takes you several days to get it done. I know what I want to do and say but can cannot get it done.

Blurry eyes = zero to difficult artwork.

Such has been this subject. I am beginning to wonder about this one. :: Sigh :: The blur of ptosis makes art work difficult to accomplish. Simple. MG with its ptsosis makes artwork near to impossible to do. I am doing it, though. How? I don't know. All my work is my work I've shown here so far has been cell phone pics, redone by me. You will know what a myasthenic can do!! Let's start, and maybe, just maybe something will follow. haha At first, I had that all I'd done was cell phone pics. No, I've done more than that. I have done photo restoration, and much more. Actually, I've taught computer graphics of different levels. ok. Enough of that. Now, let's zipppppp for some fun!!

All of this - the hit of MG up me - has been a real thorn in my flesh; my artwork affected by MG, very painful indeed. I play the piano and organ - . I draw. I paint. I do computer graphics. All graphics appearing on this blog have been done by me. Almost all of the pictures on this blog are cell telephone pictures enhanced by me. Many times I have barely been able to see through the fog of diplopia, the haze.

This is a good way -- a new baby in the family or a blog or the other three great grand children -- to share with you on how you can can continue to share after myasthenia and other illnesses that rob you of your abilities. We talked to Jennifer (that makes me want to put them up here), and it makes me want to work on some of their younger pictures, and put up here. Makes my fingers itch to work and work and work. Only, to me it is not work. It is pure joy.

I can barely see my monitor. There is almost always a blur; a haziness over it. Yesterday a Granddaughter came in with a cut to her lip. That will be separate post. She is waiting for this one. I believe, but I just wanted to let you know that all graphic work is done by me of slighted vision, always until the ptosis improves.

I'm so confused now, let's stop, start again!


Striving for a world without myasthenia gravis

(Ohhhh, this has been the worst job getting done!!)

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