Thursday, May 29, 2008

I feel *_*

Who would hang out at Turtlecreek Mall today?

That looks a bit like a smiley face in my title line where I have typed an asterisk and an underlined space between each one resulting in *_*. Maybe it is a message. Maybe I need one. I was going to say *overwhelmed*. Initially, the sun was not up, and the pre-dawn darkness felt my mood completely contending with a headache; find me a descriptive word. There are my scalawags, these post IVIG headaches. Yesterday I was sure they were going to blow out my head. I tried to manipulate the lolly to make *one*last for 24 hours. Did it, too! At Schnapp's, the pain specialist, I quizzed him in every kind of way I could take them, and each time I asked, he nodded his head with a "sure," until he said to take them in any way I wanted to take them, just to take them. The point was that you cannot set a headache at a certain time, day or night, for a certain amount of time. Getting rid of the headache was the goal. "Billie, just do what you've got to do to get rid of the headache!" Yesterday was one of those days. This morning I woke to the appearance of that same kind of day. I hope not. It is the kind of day in which I want to just lie here, do nothing, sleep, and be okay about it.

I must be really tired. I just got a glimpse of life (from my bed), and felt extremely tired at the thought of it . . . and *that* wafting is over the smell of the Fancy Feast special cat food for the babies today. Why can't their special food smell as good as ours does? I seem to get the down-hill draft.

Oh, my gosh! This is definitely a negative morning, Friday morning!

Why, no, this Saturday now is definitely a much better day! What happened to Friday? I rested and slept it away. Whatever it needed it got. I even stayed in a more reclined position with my computer raised, bed lowered. Quite unusual for me. To view, I put my pillow under my head. So THAT is why we use pillows! Our beds do not raise. We cannot see our computers if our beds lay flat. But they feel so good to lay flat until -- how do you write the sound for a big coking cough? This is why I lie sleeping sitting up, never lying down. Well, one of the reasons. Two or three more, but if you could have heard me whatever the name of the night the other night, you'd think it was for coughing until coking!

Now, *this* is a very special Saturday. I'm living it the second time around. I do not explain it. I can't. Somehow yesterday, I thought yesterday was Saturday. Guess that is what the headaches can do to you. At least that is what the headaches can do to you. Therefore, I'm going to let all this go all scrambled. Who cares how Friday got to be Saturday. All I know is Jim came and staightened me out, telling me, and showing me on my computer, and all is very well! Happy Saturday morning to you all!

Enough for now. How 'bout a nice new day that really is Saturday, May 31, 2008? Me! Temperature on my computer says 83 at 11:00 a.m. in the morning, and I'm feeling a bit better. Might add a picture or two then go off to graphic building and some fun! Who cares what the name is of the day? Could we rename Friday again for another day or two? Make up a poem, a song or two. Oooooo, Jim is tired of my la,la, las, making up this, making up that, hehehe, and I have so much fun. I'll see if I can appease both of us. Aaaah, maybe satisfy....++<<++**BOTH**++>>++.... of us?? Not sure how, but I have an idea or two; sometimes they run like kudzu vines!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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