Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday is a day of rest

Then, the Beginning

Now Thursday, May 1, 2008,

After the busy day of yesterday, surely everyone could use a day of rest. I slept off and on all day.

Jim started the morning out nauseated, but after slowly eating some beef broth Donnie made him, with a side order of some dry wheat toast and apple juice to drink, his nausea actually began to subside.

He just mainly laid around the rest of the day, even going outside late in the afternoon while Jim was mowing the grass. That brings back memories of the lazy, hazy days of summer when he would be the one mowing the grass while teenage boys enjoyed themselves.

His nifty nurse made him some chicken noodle soup and applesause for lunch, and the report coming back was, "It was sooooo good." Sounds like to me she won a gold star from those noodles. However, "Delicious" is the word of appraisal coming forth from the of chicken roast with onions, carrots, and potatoes.

There are some people who might be surprised to find that he watched the Western Channel some during the day. Me? I'm totally shocked? But, the picture below shows him lazing in the bed, TV on the other end? Aha! Jimbo fixed him up with TV that has most anything at all he wants to watch right there in his bedroom. Now THAT is a son that can't be beat. Whenever he found out about it, the first thing he said was, "That means I can watch the Western Channel!"

He spends his time split among watching the Western Channel, working crossword puzzles, and resting. With this, the nursing, and watch-care of his son, I imagine he is going to be coming right along rather nicely. I sure do hope so. It's no fun being apart, but whatever is necessary is necessary. That we have learned throughtout the years. And, ya, know, I think I've rather "grown accustomed to his face" and maybe even his humor as well. Don't tell him I said that!

Here is his buddy Felix - he has not left him since he arrived at Jim and Donnie's, even sleeping with him. If he is not in bed with him, he is laying in the doorway. Wherever Jim goes, he goes. It is like he knows something is wrong. Cats are intuitive. There was no warm up time, he just stuck with him from the beginning "I am really appreciating him,"

Felix sticking with Jim as he relaxes in the living room.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Jocelyn said...

Billie we are playing aroung trying to find out how to send comments. I just finished the one on the value of a son in law. Hope things are going good with you. I know it must be hard not having Jim there. I'll talk to you later. Jocelyn

ragdoll said...

You made it Jocelyn! Debbie, Mark, and I are finding our grove. Now we have to convince the MG, but next week is the IVIG, so that will help a heap. Gotta hand it to Mark. Not many guys could do what he's been called on to do - oops, not called on, he volunteers! Helps me not worry about the bad jobs, and Debbie can go on in to work. In a week, we've got a weird sense of normalcy that fits us. Ain't life grand!!

Ragdoll in need of getting some Zing next week! ;)