Saturday, May 10, 2008

The old folks' home

Oops! That should be, "The old folks are home!" Oh, and loving every minute of it.

I got an 8:00 a.m. text from son wanting to know if we enjoyed waking up together. At that moment I was the only one awake, but it was not long before I heard, "Good morning, Mama." Turning my head it was indeed a *most* enjoyable moment to see the gray, bald headed man to whom I first turned my head 47 years ago for a date. He was looking and sounding quite chipper this Saturday morning. No less for me. There was even more strength to my legs.

Yes, son, we surely did enjoy waking together. Not only a smile, but the memory later now, brings a few tears. You should have seen him riding my chair down the middle of Hearn yesterday to get it to the rear of the Expedition. I giggled as a school girl at the sight of this elderly man coming towards me as I sat and waited for him. There is a difference in laughter and giggling you know, don't you? You and your sister should have seen your mom and dad. Well, on second thought, maybe you shouldn't. *giggle*

The babies gathered round us after filling their bellies with treat food from Papa, and taking an extra long bath. He sat in my chair as we talked about first one thing, and then a, "Oh, and you should have seen .....," followed by a little descriptive story, *always* with a smile on each of our faces.

The rest of the day continued to be just this pleasant, moving along as the Mississippi's meandering pace. Even the sky slowly went from cloudlessly-bright to stormy-night, as tornadoes ripped and zipped from place to place across Arkansas space. The young girls, Debbie, with daughters Ashley, and Christen, accompanied by Ashton Sears, went to Jonesboro today to Turtlecreek Mall; the old folks stayed here and watched Channel 8 weather almost the whole time after things picked up until the words came, "They're safely Home." I added a few Bookmarks today. Weather ones, watching TV weather from my laptop. From day one, you never cease being that parent. Just yesterday Debbie was looking after us here; today, it was *us* being concerned about her, and her girls as the storms roiled over their heads while they had a fun afternoon at Turtelcreek mall. I think I heard there was a call from Senatobia, Mississipppi with storm warnings, too. We were all on watch as one. One as in family taking care of family. Nice. *smile* Nice sitting back and watching it all on TV and our laptops, contacting by cell phone. Stress-free. Watching the young ones in charge, responsible, from 18 to 43. These days are as watching the Changing of the Guard in slow motion.

One important thing we had to check out the very first thing this morning. Did we get the cold shoulder from the babies, or were we welcomed home, as in being a bed partner? I was able to record mine. She snuggled in as close as she could get as I lay here and read most of the night. Across the room, Callie did her due by stretching out alongside Papa, though Papa sleeps all night, and does not have his (his very own!) camera close-by. *hehe, give him time, he's warming to the photo spirit* Whenever I would stop and stroke Missie's forehead, she would open her eyes just a bit, and give me a loving look, saying, "I'm glad you are home." Me, too, Missie.

Judge for yourself if you think Missie was glad to be aside Mama once again. *sigh* It is short-lived, though, as I return to the hospital Monday morning. Good night, Missie Nicole.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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Mabunny said...

Hiyas Ragdoll!
This is my first time to your blog... I found you on Manics contest entries:))
I have heard of Myasthenia Gravis, as I and my mother have a different form of MD,(we have CMT) and I have worked several fund raisers here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area for MDA.
I will stop back by your blog when I have a bit more time to read, however I do hope you stop by my blog for a visit. Around here they have started the Firemen Fill the Boot Campaign for MDA, so please read especially the post from Friday, I think.
Hope all goes well , and that you had a great mother's day...