Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So, how are things going?

Okay, common font, how about a different color. Maybe thinking of green for growing, growing in so many different ways. Over the last ten years or more I've definitely done some growing introspectively. Shed a bunch of tears over the way I was to the way I wished to be, and worked on that way. Whatever. I'm happier with the *me* of today, than the *me* of some years ago. If I could just get upstairs to my books, there are a few worth reading again.

It has been a week now that we broke things apart. I spoke of *normalcy* a couple or more days ago. Today, I wrote to Brenda that Debbie, Mark, and I seem to have slipped into a semblance of normalcy here. We've had to live it for a while to find it, but we have stumbled into a comfortable groove. They live much like Jim and I do, with a few exceptions here and there.

My doctor told me about eight years ago when I was under a great deal of pressure and activity, that if I were to stand still or go backward, I would soon die, that it is going forward that is necessary for life, for living. That has been true since I have been abed with the diabetic neuropathy, and myasthenia gravis. I have used my laptop to keep me busy. It keeps me in touch with the outside world, and keeps my mind alert and busy with my creativity.

I digress. How unusual for me to do that. Just moments ago Debbie and I were talking about how we have slipped into our sense of normalcy at the moment for what is needed now. The first few days were needed to *feel things out* and get used to one another. I had worried about being a bother to them. It feels strange to ask for some of the things, lying in bed in anyone else's home, even your daughter's. They better be careful, I may renew my rental on the bed here!

George, their dachshund, has some *knots* on his spine, and had to go to the doctor for steroid shots. He must be kept quiet and immobile, and the vet gave him sme drugs to keep him sedated if need be. Debbie was holding him, trying to keep from giving him any, but he was excited, and wanted out of her lap, so our conversation was interrupted as she had to take him upstairs to his bed, and I'd guess for his durgs. Pooooor George.

When she left we were talking about getting me ready to go to the hospital next Monday. Jim and I have it down to a science, and can zip through it all because he knows what all goes, and what goes in which carpetbag. Debbie was saying that she could get my things washed, and whatever needed ironing, ironed. We were on to more discussion about preparing when she had to take George upstairs.

Jim, along with me, can guide her easily. His part is telling her where things are, and even he might not be able to do that since things got messed up in getting him readied for leaving. You are probably asking why that would mess things up to that extent, and I am not going to tell you, nor show you.

Guess this would be a good time to go back ask the question about "How are things going?" Debbie was back down here, and we were talking some more, and we feel things are going very well. Now, this is for us, for now. It helps me that she even figured out on her own why I had the crisis yesterday. Dad and I have talked that only he understood the crisis, and that has scared me.We have talked of sending the web pages to the kids, but have never done it for various reasons. Debbie has made me more comfortable by putting 2 + 2 together correctly. All that has to be done is take me to the hospital or call 911 to have me transported because this time I was the closest to losing all bodily function, speech, extremity, swallowing, breathing, than ever - it is making the right timing . . . the crisis is now better since she picked me up some pyridostigmine 60 mg from the drug store on her way home from work. I've messed around with it, and have things better now. She and Mark handled the situation superbly, and we will all continue to do so as I hope the crisis wanes on tomorrow until it is time to go to Memphis on Monday.

All in all a good day. Sure it could have been better from a physical standpoint, but from a coping standpoint, I just don't see how we could have handled it much better.

Hurray for us!! And Hurray for George for not crying when he got his shot today!!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Jocelyn said...

Sorry you had some problems yesterday. Glad you didn't have to call 911. Sounds like you all have things under control. I pray for you every day. Being so far away that is about all I can do. Love


ragdoll said...

"All things work together...." Right?

Everything is showing what all we can do. S-I-L can really assist Jim in my care. I was out of medicine, and there was something that brought on the crisis, showing Deb understanding the disease, bringing comfort to me. Cool? To older people, the younger ones just don't realize how much these little things mean.

Jim & Donnie went for his appointment and got good news. That was only fat tissue. He is coming home this afternoon!!! YaY for all six of us. Our babies won't know what to think. Ha! Who did I miss most? Them or him? Last night I wanted one of them lying in bed with me. Maybe tonight. They may give a bit of cold shoulder; maybe not. ;)

His voice sounded so good today!

Thanks and love you guys!
Ragdoll Billie Zinging high today!