Thursday, May 8, 2008

Now the day is over . . .

. . . and how is everything? Changing.

The day has been too full for us to move me back home this evening, so I am still at Debbie and Mark's. Jim is at the house, and will sleep to his heart's content in the morning, then come down to take me home. He stayed down here until close to 9:00 tonight, after beginning his day with an 8:45 doctor's appointment. That is a long day with three road trips, the excitement of the news, packing up and going home, having the babies glad to see him - they were, they really were! My turn comes tomorrow. :-) We talked and talked. I loved listening to him tell of his surgery experience, of the jokes he told. He is a mess!

It would be surprising to me if much about my MG is changed significantly before we left on Monday morning for the hospital. The ptosis is in full glory with poor visibility. I accomplish most by memorization, both here and in my graphic's program. My facial muscles are very weak, making it hard to talk, eat, or drink. Not severely so, just really, really fatigued, like when I *have* to lay my head back against the bed.

I've just taken 180 mg Mestinon Timespan, and hope that will help the vision somewhat. It is a waiting game. If no results in a couple of hours, 30 mg of plain pyridostigmine might be helpful. It is a "wait and see." I'll also see if it affects the legs any, making the miserable trek any easier with stronger legs. While I wait, going blog visiting sounds like a nice thing to do while the babies sleep.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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