Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday claims the end of The Week

Then, the Beginning

Now, Saturday, May 3, 2008, finds us at the end of The Week in a totally different situation than we ever thought we would be.

Jim was having robotic prostate cancer surgery on Wednesday, spending one night in the hospital, going home with our son Jim, and staying with him as long as would be necessary until he was capable of coming home to be able to care for the two of us. The reports of The Week give the experiences he encountered, instead. Hopefully, this time next week we will know more after the pathology report, CT scan, and his appointment with his surgeon later in the week.

The time will be full of anxiety as he and I wait on the unknown. This is the time that I really miss our morning time together. We talk about so many personal things, especially our feelings. To me, it is a time of trust, throwing at least parts of ourselves out there to the other to be accepted or trampled upon, though the latter has yet to happen. Debbie is taking good care of me physically, especially whenever she brings in the Starbucks!, but there is the emotional that neither she nor Donnie can do to fill the emotional voids, not that they would even want to do. It's funny that something we came by so recently could mean so much to me. Even the babies join us in our morning talk-time. Why, you'd be amazed at all they have to say. Just joking, but they really do sit around us, each one almost always in her own place. Such love and entertainment they give to us.

Here is a baby, though, that we call "The Princess." Among all the boys, she is the only girl of the great-grandchildren. The worst thing of all is our not being able to get to Dayton to see her and Matthew. Soon, Alexander will be joining them. Jennifer will have her hands full. I remember those days after Debbie came. Is it remembering with rose colored glasses to say I remember it as being days filled with fun? Not every day, but most days?

From reports from Jennifer, I think Kaitlyn is a fun-loving two year old, and one who loves the camera! Just my kind of girl!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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