Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did you miss me?

Dedicated to ALL those who work on the Third Floor
St. Francis Hospital - Bartlett
Memphis, Tennessee


I have tried and tried, typed, and typed, but just . . .
What a trip!!

I missed you, but would not have wished this trip on you! Not at all.

Admissions was quick and easy, right on to my bed into holding . . . my nurse was surprised when she asked if I wanted to change into my gown before going into my room; no one had been able to tell that I had been wearing my pijammies that morning. On the other admissions I had had a heavy sweater or coat over everything. Umm... that is going to be hard to pull off in the future as it begins to warm up. Special nurse.

While I settled in, Jim did his usual thing (I know, he is getting tired of this. I am too!) of bringing things in from the car, then off to home! First thing we did was to set up my laptop. No interconnect of course down here, but I could at least type, and have some to draft. I settled in, and got comfortable, for as late in the evening it was, I knew it I was there for the evening, maybe even getting my IVIG start

The nurses there decided in the Emergency Department all decided that that was I "more than a difficult stick" and called for Dr. Hammond to come over to look at it, thinking it might have turned over or something.

Forget it, forget. Lay down the cameras. Put down the whatever it is you need. Come round and join me. I've got a story to tell. It's one of not intention, nor one of schedule. Helterskelter is more like it! Messin' more with my mind.

I have tried and tried, typed, and typed, but just can't this ole mind and myasthenic fingers working for the life of me so instead I will introduce my 4th great-grandchild of mine. And now I add most probably at least one TIA, and could I be flirting with another? In the mean..... Here's Alexander while I try to figure out what I have done!

Alexander Taylor Gilliam
8 lbs 3 oz
Dayton, Ohio
son of Jennifer Anne Wages Gilliam of Dayton, Ohio, and
daughter of Ryan Gilliam of Dayton, Ohio

Brother Matthew and Sister Kaitlyn

Striving for a world without myasthenia gravis
(June 27, 2008, with repairs coming round the ben)

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Cindy Breninger said...

What a cutie! Awwww. How are you? I miss talking with you, er, e-mailing. :)