Thursday, May 8, 2008

The doctor's report

Whether this will be the first of two, or the only post for today will be seen later tonight after we have settled down - at HOME!

Frist, news from the return to the doctor. The tissue was, in the words Jim gave to me, "twisted fatty tissue." Now, if I need to change that later, I will, but the best of it is that it was nothing serious. We have been away from the house all week, and all of this time the doctor has been trying to call him to give him the report, and to tell him he didn't even need to come in today! Oh, well. I'll bet he made sure they have his cell phone number now, or at least instructions to call it if they already did have it! No, "Everything works together for those who love the Lord..." and a lot was learned throughout this week that we did not know before.

Jim just sent out an email to family and friends, and I am copying it here:

"Just got back to Jim and Donnie's from my appointment with my urologist. He said that everything is fine! The mass he found was a piece of fat that had twisted and had eventually broken off. So Pathology report was negative for anything cancerous. The CT scan of my abdomen and pelvic area that I had Tuesday did not show anything! Except for the prostate cancer he said that I am fine. He will give me a little more time for getting my strength back from the anesthesia - then schedule the prostatectomy in about 2 weeks.

He apologized for me having to through everything again, but he felt what he did was the safest and best for me. I told him that my family and I completely agreed."

Yesterday, Jim sent me pictures of his staff. Now, I am not sure which rates how. I know all the attributes of this one on the sofa, Donnie, our daughter-in-law. I was there when she graduated from nurses' training. As far as the cooking Jim raved about, I know about that, too. It is one thing she loves to do. I'm positive that she did not allow him to want for a single thing. She would be hard to beat. We're glad for St. Francis for rearranging her schedule as an OR nurse to allow her to be able to be home to take care of Jim after his procedure.

Now, this gray, silky beauty. What do you think? I need to consider if our babies might be reading this. You think? Nah. Felix is a really swell guy, and I'm glad he took up with Jim as he did, though, because Jim really likes to have one of them to sleep with him at night. Um Felix would be close to Callie as a bed partner. I bet he gets sniffed a plenty when he gets home. Those girls are going to wonder. He *might* have some explaining to do, so I hope he has his story good and straight!

This has to be it for now so that I can get it posted, and get a few things done.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Anonymous said...

welcome back home to you and jim!


ragdoll said...

Thank you, Krom. It was the same as when I go for IVIG treatments, but I guess waiting for the pathology report made it seem different.

Thanks for coming by, and thanks for the comment.

Ragdoll Billie