Friday, May 9, 2008

Mestinon and Myasthenia Gravis

I got started back on the Mestinon 60 mg last night, and *did* have some favorable results with the ptosis. It did not relieve it, but it improved my laptop readability.

Nothing was clear and sharp (I never have clear vision unless I tape my eyelids open), but I managed to read a CarePage story I found out about by Peggy Larson who I read as she posts about her son Coleman. I admit I *did* skip about, not reading each entry, nor have I fully read Bob's quest for signatures yet.

It is amazing how one learns to cope when faced with limitations. Just *some* improvement in my eyesight *felt* like perfect to me. Of course, after I had read for a while, the lids tired, and dropped some, but the 180 mg timespan were now backed by the 60 mg, and they did not go back to the extent that they had been.

I also waited to see if the 60 mg would help me make the trek from my chair to the bathroom after a while, and it did somewhat. This afternoon, after getting home, it was still as laborious here, and we placed a chair along the way for me to rest, and rebuild the legs. If the coming IVIG does not do its job well, then we've got to make some kind of changes around here.

All in all, the combo of the two Mestinons, the 60 mg, and the 180 mg timespan do help. It is just finding the right times to take them, and I think this new way is doing better for round the clock work.

I talked to them last month while at the hospital a little bit about my legs, and I intend on talking further next week because my legs act like they are out of the picture entirely. They aren't. However, I'm wondering how much is the MG, and how much is the diabetic neuropathy, which would not be touched by these treatments at all. *What* exactly would help that other than treating the pain? Dr. Saeed had said once before, that once we got this other stuff taken care of (MG is all I can think of, not knowing if lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are in the picture, too), we would take care of the legs, which meant to me that they are a separate entity, requiring a different treatment. The logic in me says we could not know the extent of treatment needed until that is the only problem left requiring treatment. Just getting to the point of walking in the house again would make me very happy!

Why hold your bottle when you have a handy, dandy table to do it for you?

Striving for a world without Myesthenia Gravis

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