Monday, April 21, 2008

This is a day of celebration for the veins!

And all the veins said. . . .


No more abuse of the veins!

As of this morning, morning being April 21, 2008, my veins will be able to escape the horrors of being stuck innumerable times whenever blood for any reason is needed from me, most namely being for the IVIG treatments every four weeks.

During this course of Myasthenia and IVIG treatment alone, I have lost count of the number of times my veins have been stuck (minimum required once).

One time six sticks were needed for successful entry before a vein would hold. That means being stuck six (6) times before finding a vein that would accept and hold the needle, not blowing . . . huff 'n' puff, all the normal things a vein goes through . . . you know what I mean. It's awesome what our poor little veins go through just for us.

Well, no more of that for my little darlings. No, siree! *I* got me a portacath! Yes, siree! You better believe it! No more black and blue arms!

Some pain is setting in now, so I must go, though I really would like to stay and chat a while.

Now, it is just to get out of the hospital and home to my babies.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Cara said...

Hi Ragdoll.

I've been a bit unwell recently but I was thinking of you in hospital and hoping you were doing great.

I am told that it is very difficult to find my veins. One nurse told me it was probably due to poor circulation, so anytime I need to have an injection or needle stuck in my vein I start to rub up and down my arms to get the warm and get those veins ready to go.

See you soon.



ragdoll said...

Hi, Cara.

Thanks for the thoughts. I am SO glad to be home, and I think this treatment is going to have good effects.

I hope you are doing better. My husband talks about your comments about your cat and the stray cat to our babies. It is cute because it's like they have their own blog friends, too.

I will be over to your site very soon now, as I get around to making up my replies. Anxious to see what you have written.

Ragdoll Billie a-dancing in the wind!