Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Autism visited

Yesterday I slept the entire day. Then slept all night, with wakefulness here and there. This is normal for me when *My* Myasthenia is out of whack, and with the vision problems I had been having, I was not surprised when the sleepiness hit, though it could at least have given me some warning. With my tendency to resist sleeping and rest, it probably could have written itself on the wall at the foot of my bed, and I still would not have been prepared for it. I just do not like the restorative sleep, naps, and rest MG requires of me. Just think of all that I could be doing during that time! Like visiting your blogs, and writing to so many of you! Well. Nothing I can do about it now, huh?

Today I have been reading the blogs of some outstanding mothers. Mothers of children with autism; I am glad to get to know them, and hope to get to know more. I have a special one with autism in my family. The outstanding mother and the child. The mother is my granddaughter. The child is her son, my great-grandson. He will be 5 years old in July.

Whew! Now, in addition to learning all I can about MG, prostate cancer, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma . . . here are excellent resources for autism. I'm glad the saying about not teaching old dogs new tricks is only a saying with no truth to it. Rather, the reverse is true. The more active we keep our minds, the better they keep, even grow. So, if I appear to have an enlarged, swelled head, it is because of all this new knowledge I'm trying to stuff into it.

I am interested in talking to other moms of children with autism because my granddaughter does not have internet connection, and I'm out scouting for anything that might help her. However, I am severely limited because I am not there day in and day out, walking in her shoes, not only with Matthew, but with 2 year old Kaitlyn, and another one due in May. Only she knows what her needs are to help Matthew.

I know what it is like to have a special needs child, and being all alone with it, especially when there are behavioral issues involved. When you find some other moms going through the same thing you are, it changes your world completely.

Many look at being on the internet as an extra, a frivolity, unnecessary. Maybe. Dunno. That depends. Is it equal to therapy/a support group, or at least close to it? It was for me. I think about the money we spend each month. How much does it actually help me? How long is what it is used for effective? A month? A week? A day? An hour? What do the different things amount to for a year? Do you know how much just one therapy session costs? I do. Goodness, how much has gone for therapy from this household! And it has been worth every penny! How long did those pennies remain effective? Lots longer than a meal at Abeulo's. No. No. Do not misunderstand me. I do not mean for me not to eat at Abeulo's! Just comparing is all.

I'm thinking too much. This is getting to me. I'm filled with thinking of Matthew tonight. And Jennifer. And . . . My grandchildren are tugging on my heartstrings.
Granddaddy and Matthew
New Granddaddy and MatthewRichest blessings on all you mothers of special needs children, especially those with autism. The world's a more beautiful place because of mothers like you.

"If I can help somebody as I pass along, Then my living will not have been in vain."

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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