Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blowing veins, one at a time!

Here a vein, there a vein, off a vein they go. Whooooo! There goes one, catch it before it gets away... awwww, missed it, it's a goner now. :( How many veins are left to scatter from the needles now, and this is only the third bag, uh, the beginning of the third bag. Once this course of treatment is over, though, I will be getting a porta cath inserted Monday morning. I resisted it until this last time, and talking with my PCP decided it was time to cross the line to risk it (I've remembered what you said Eddie; they're blowing and/or there's not a drop of blood showing upon needle withdrawal), I have a good antibiotic he had to use last month for a respiratory infection, but it is in one the earlier blog entries. Anyway, it was time to compromise and risk it. I mean, look how many get and have them every day. I've even talked to the surgeon about my MG anesthesia risk, though they will not be giving me a general, it is my understanding that what they will be giving me can still be risky. I have to reread my sites on this, and check with those who know way more than I do.

So, this is my last treatment of abusing my veins, rather I'll just take a chance with my body! This is because I will be doing this so often - every four weeks. Like having parties with my veins every four weeks!! Hip hip hooray! Yeah, for whomever likes parties like this. Not to complain, though. I *do* have to look at the good they bring me, though, and I *do* love seeing my second family up here on 3rd floor. No complaints there for sure! H E L L O 3rd floor!

NTERUPTIONS! They're okay though, when the nurses come by, when Liesl comes in with her pretty new hair cut (she was just copying me, ha ha), and of course when any ot the doctors come to see me. Liesl is Dr. Ali's nurse practitioner. She probably knows more about what is going on with me than anyone else.

Well, I tell you what. I just wanted to get on here and let you know I am still around and have been trying my hardest to bring you somewhat up to date, but the scalawags (headaches) have been B.A.D. this time from the git-go. Bad enough for us to start with the dilaudid, trying to bring them under control if we can, not just treating them, and the med keeps putting me to sleep. I shall go, and get myself settled in for a better, better prepared post for tonight. It may literally tonight depending on how much the nurses are in, and what all they have to do. *Hopefully* we will not have to change veins again today. I don't know, my IV pump is going off. Bummers! Wish me luck! Look for me on here tomorrow morning. I'll do my best to get caught up tonight!!

Till later, and hoping the blood still flows freely through the veins.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

p.s. Sorry, but I had a major interruption with a doctor, then fell asleep for the rest of the night. Here I go, starting all over again.

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