Sunday, April 20, 2008

A good night!

What a wonderful night. The last bag finished! No headache! Woke only once, but went right back to sleep. Did not wake then until Dana came in this morning at 6:00 a.m. to check my blood sugar (a happy 128 - higher than my optimum, but good nonetheless for here). Had a slight headache, and we decided a dilaudid was in order to stave off an up and coming headache according to their record (she could see, and I could feel the pressure building). Now the day is before me. Oh, how I am hoping for a really good one.

Dana and I noticed that once the IVIG was completed the *bad stuff* stopped, or at least lessened in severity, showing for sure it is all caused by the IVIG. Still lingering headache, but seems to be manageable. That helps us know how to plan for the future treatments. Aaaaah less than four weeks away now before the next one. Sure comes around quickly doesn't it!

I'm off to a questionable start this morning . . . I just lost a whole paragraph, and it was a mixture of everything, so it is hard to go back and recapture. Guess we'll just toss that one. Good-bye :(

It is time for meds, and after that I am going to get all spiffied up, even put make-up on, perfume, the whole bit! Now, what does that tell you? And thanks to Jim's superb ironing, today I'll wear the one with ruffles that he goes to such pains to iron. One month I told him I didn't wear it so as to cut down on his ironing, and he said, "You mean after I ironed it, you didn't wear it? That's why I ironed it!" Since then, I make sure that if it is possible, I wear it. So, my darling Jim, today, I dress just for you. Tomorrow, when you will be here, I'll have to be wearing the yucky ole hospital gown for surgery, but today is just for you! I'll even try to get a picture made and sent to you. Love you, and miss you!

Here it comes, that darn ole scalawag. And big and bad. Phooey! Not surprising. Lovely Tonya is bringing relief when she brings the meds.

So, this all for now, but I leave you with this (be sure to click on the small ones to get the regular size ones.) . . . they're great!

Granddaddy getting Ashton's sugar while Ashton, 6 mos old,
sits in a big boy's high chair at Ruby Tuesday's in Jonesboro.
Ashton checking out all around him.
There is something interesting over there.
Nothing like a finger and big blue eyes to check it out. ;)
This eating out is really lots of fun!
Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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