Sunday, April 6, 2008


My computer, my blog, my electronic toys as I like to call them . . . these are my world with me in my bed. No longer - only at this point in time - do I have a home to maintain, like furniture to rearrange, new colors to try out, all those design things a woman likes to do. So guess where my attention is focused to fulfill my designing hunger? Right here! I have looked, and cannot find a layout that I like any better than thisi, plus I do not think that making major changes is really a prudent thing to do. I have some ideas floating around my head that I want to try, so if you come by and things look a little quirky, just know that hopefully, you have caught me right in the middle of moving things, and things will not be staying that way. Then, who knows, I may put everything back exactly like it was in the beginning. Once begun, though, that is doubtful.

That is the creative junkie in me who has been deprived for about the past two years of creativity. Now that I am back to it somewhat, I am like a dried sponge with drops of water hitting it . . . yummm . . . cannot get enough, and like the dry sponge, you can barely tell it has been wet! Little by little the creative imagry, and the prior working knowledge of my graphic programs are returning, and it is touching everything I do. Thus, my impatience with my blog design.

One major factor between my mind and my output is my MG in the name of ptosis, and a dry eye condition called Sjogren's. All day today, including this moment, I can barely see my monitor. Everything I have done, and am doing right now, is by memory of what is located where on the screen. On new screens, I go through some strange contortions to get a clearer view temporarily. I also use some non-preservative drops. Everything eventually gets done, it just takes a while longer, and on the graphic design, I have to do a little extra to make sure of what I am seeing. It is worth the effort, though. All pictures appearing in my blog have been processed by me. I am just at the beginning stage of relearning, and it is quite humbling to be where I am, knowing where I was. But, I will get there again.

Well, you've been warned. I'm off and running. No, I think walking will be just fine tonight.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Blog design can be a pain for anyone! Yay you for sticking with it.

Casdok said...

A pain sometimes and yet rewarding, you will be running soon enough!

Cara said...

Hello Raggy! :-)

"I can barely see my monitor"

Wow, one would not think it having seen the lovely layout of this blog.

I look forward to seeing whatever changes you make. Like you, I enjoy making creative changes to my blog.



ragdoll said...

Morning, Jenn. Ahhh... skipping school, I see? Is this a really big party tonight? I'm curious about Bossy. LOL Not till being here blogging and reading around, have I missed things like this. Not too badly, and if able I probably would find it is more memories I am missing than actually doing them. But Jim and I really were people oriented, finding staying home on Friday nights simply unforgivable! Ha! Ha! I always wondered how we would do, just the two of us. Hehehe.. we do just GREAT!

Ahhh, been doing web design for over ten years, and love it. It is stimulating, and good for me. Just like all you younger gals are. *s*

You all have a fun time! Anxious to hear about it.

ragdoll said...

Casdok, another mother I'm going to put into my little basket of jewels. If my Jen cannot get her own support base, maybe I can find enough blogging moms to get ideas to pass on to her. I raised one with Reactive Attachment Disorder, and know how valuable support groups are. Some of the children there also had autism, or maybe one of their siblings did. I consider myself blessed for having had her in my life for she expanded my heart multi-fold for children I never knew existed before. I see that I am going to have to put her web site back up. That was the first thing she went looking for when she got her own computer. Oops!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. A *friendship* base is what I am needing to help me keep on keeping on toward my goal of control/remission. I get excited with each new person I meet.

Thanks for coming by; I'm anxious to check out your blog. I love Shrek, too. ;)

ragdoll said...

Good day, Cara! It's a sunshinny day here. Nice but hard on the eyes. Photosensitivity. I have 20/20 vision but the ptosis with the MG covers my eyes, causing me to look through my eyelashes. I am working on some pictures of my eyes, and will try to get them posted today. That is a hope for me. We quit being stressed whenever we learned not to depend on me, but to just accept whatever I could put out at any given time. One hour this, the next hour zonked. Just the way life with MG is until it is controlled. I'm okay however I am; the most freeing truth I ever embraced.

Callie is up here asleep on my bed with me right now. ;)