Sunday, April 6, 2008

All antibiotics are not created equal

A respiratory infection is not a good thing for a myasthenic to have. I know. It's not good for you to have one either. I'm sorry for you if you have one, too. That is why I was glad I had a doctor's appointment scheduled last Tuesday so that I could get checked, and get started on something for this stuff rattling around inside me. Antibiotics are wonderful. Miracles. One tablet per day, one week of treatment sometimes, and poof! All gone! Have you ever wonder how it felt to be old enough to be around when these antibiotics came on the scene? Don't ask! I was already severely allergic to penicillin by 1956.

As wonderful as these antibiotics are, there are times for a myasthenic that they are not always so hunky-dory, some ghastly, even downright dangerous, as they have actions that worsen myasthenia gravis. I got a prescription for Doxycycline for my infection. I asked about its safety for me, and Dr. Franklin said it was okay. So, no problem . . . got it filled and started taking it right away.

You know how I've been talking about feeling so good and bright and everything wonderful *inside* since my last infusion? Well, I began to suddenly notice it being more difficult to keep on going like I had been doing, feeling a bit more fatigued, my arms especially felt heavier, and they quivered whenever I picked things up from my bedside table. A couple of days ago, though, I noticed the most telling sign of all when it became difficult to depress the left button on my mouse with my forefinger, the dominant one, plus my keyboard felt like the keys were stuck somewhere and I was having to push them with super strength to get them to work. Both are new, with very smooth action. Time to take notice. Wouldn't you? Anything to do with my computer or electronics is the best barometer to use to test my physical status of how alive I am. Joking!! It has even become difficult for me to get my iPod out to listen to it the last few days. Uh oh! So, to the MG sites I go, and wouldn't you know that on the UK Forum there was a recent question about this very antibiotic. Wow, I'm in luck, I thought. Then I read Peter's reply to Jane where she had read on the drug information sheet, and the main site of the drug contraindication. In his reply he said, " listed as one which may (but is unlikely) to make your MG worse." Well, now. What to think? Granted on the Myasthenia Gravis Association UK Drugs which may aggravate MG page, it does say *may* aggravate. If *unlikely* then why is it listed as *may*? Dr. Saeed told me to be suspicious of any drugs that are listed. *He* is the one I will listen to. The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America has a very thorough, in-depth article in PDF format on Medications and Myasthenia Gravis.

I went on to look up the drug sites to check for information there, and found that in addition to increased MG symptoms, I indeed was experiencing symptoms relative to the drug's adverse reactions, some of them strongly. Unfortunately, I felt I had to stop taking it, and will call Dr. Franklin Monday. It has been 24 hours now, and it is wearing off, and *my* normalcy seems to be returning, though not back to par. Ahhhh... maybe another day just lying here will do the trick. But I've missed roaming round the blogs. I hope I get around to seeing and talking to everyone. I don't like being down and out; miss a day, and it's like you've been out of the loop for a week. There's a bunch of good bloggers out there. I've got to get them listed here. Hmmm. . . maybe a good lying-around-do-nothing-day-job? See? I'm already feeling better than this time yesterday. Good, good sign.

Yep. Feeling MUCH better than yesterday. Happy, happy day! Cara, over in the UK has had an apparent stray female cat keep coming around her flat. She has a tom, Baby. He is tolerant of the girl whenever she gets into the house. Cara is wanting to get her, have her spayed, and adopt her. However, she is afraid she just might be pregnant. Part of her is concerned for the cat's well-being, and part is just because she likes her. Guess I need to go to England some time today. Just a hop, skip,and a jump from Arkansas. See you later, Cara!

This is how it is with MG. Up and down, up and down. You just have to be careful about placing any trust in me. So not dependable. I try, though. Progress is being made.

With all our babies, here is our *grandson* George who belongs to daughter Debbie. He was a birthday present to her a few years ago. I will get to spend some time with George while Jim is recouperating from his surgery, and I am staying with Debbie. While George and I are together, what you want to bet we get some picture-taking done. He makes a handsome subject!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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