Saturday, April 12, 2008

JOB: Cats needed for packing carpetbag

We are just about down to counting the hours. Aarggh. Before that, though, we are going to Cave City to get Ashley and Ashton, then going to Jonesboro to hang out at Turtlecreek Mall. After the bright, sunny skies of the perfect day yesterday, sunglasses are first on the agenda for me! I'm not sure I can make it all the way into the mall without stopping in Francesca's. Since we will be gone tomorrow, and we want to leave fairly early Monday morning, that means getting almost everything ready to go before leaving for Cave City tomorrow. Red carpetbag is packed, brown one is here waiting. Problem is, I really do need some help. This is the condition of my usual helpers.

Here is Callie and Anna Kay of Siam at the foot of my bed.
Anna Kay of Siam is bathing Callie.
This often results in sleep.

Oh, Anna Kay of Siam is momentarily startled.
She has the pretties of blue eyes.

Determining food, water, or loving was not in the offing,
Anna Kay of Siam goes back to bathing Callie once more.

OUT! No good for all practical purposes.
They'll not wake until morning.

This leaves a job opening for help in packing the brown carpetbag in preparation for going to St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett Monday morning. The job may require some Sunday work, either while I am gone, or late into the evening hours after I return from my excursion to Jonesboro tomorrow.
*shakes her head, shrugs shoulders*
It is getting harder and harder to find dedicated cat help any more.

I am receiving word that there is a contender for the job opening.
This is what I know.

She overheard about the job on the computer where she lives.

She checked out all the details on the web. YEESSS!!
Oh. Not lady-like. Calm down.

Feeling this was just the job for her.
she began to wash and ready herself for the interview.

Ready at last.
Nervous, but she has a good feeling about gaining the position.

Helper extraodanaire
Missie Nicole Wages

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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Cara said...

"Anna Kay of Siam is bathing Callie.
This often results in sleep."

I loved this entry! :-)

Ragdoll hun, I know you are probably away at the hospital now where your access to the internet has been restricted, but here's wishing you a happy and healing time while you are there. I hope everything goes well for you.