Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's time to get out the red carpetbag

Signs of Spring were brilliant with the pear trees in bloom when we were in Memphis last week. One white tree after another looked as if there were new fallen snow blanketing it. So it is here when the red carpetbag makes its way front and center,
it is a sign that it is time for the next trip to St. Francis - Bartlett Hospital for my course of IVIG therapy. While Jim gets the clothing ready to go into the red bag, of which there is not the usual amount due to last month's fiasco when I didn't even have to wear but a couple pair of jammies. I will be redoing the medication sheet, and hopefully setting up a medical history sheet to help facilitate the in-processing time with the nurse - just a blah thing to do having to try to remember all of that each time. I will also start gathering the things together that go into the brown carpetbag. Now what we need is for the body to cooperate, and stay awake, alert, and fiddle. Today was a steady rise, and I am awake now following about a two hour nap, par for most nights.

There is some tension floating around. I'm sure that once I am back into the hospital, and all is running along normally I'll feel better, but I do dread the initial "breaking-in time." I think it is best not to even think on it at this time. My thoughts are going from one thing to another. I either need to process them, or try to forget them. Hmmm, I doubt they will be easy to forget since this is like a huge tsunami bearing down upon me with giant crushing waves. So quickly and easily do pictures of one come to my mind, and I can feel myself just disappearing. I remember writing in my journal last month that at one point there - before I had totally lost my chance of going to my room - that I felt abandoned. I guess it is this *lost* feeling that is permeating me now, trying to set up a base from which to work its nasty little business of messing up my days between now and Monday. Can't let that happen.

Ashley wants us to try to hang out Sunday at Jonesboro at Turtlecreek Mall. I had told her we needed to try to get together before I go in because after I get out, Grandaddy will be going in for his surgery, and then there just will not be an opportunity for a good while before we can do it. She has this Sunday off so we are going to see what we can work out for that day. That ought to be a good *send off* for the week. I mean, who could resist wanting to spend the day with the likes of this . . .
I leave you with Ashton. Stay and play a while if you'd like. Just do not get all of his sugar because I am going to want to get all I can get before off to the hospital I go!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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