Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

So Funny!


Mary said...

Happy Anniversary! I really like your blog, especially the pictures of your "babies". I"m pretty sure that our dog is really a cat, trapped in a dog's body... hehehe.

I saw your comment on Jenn at Juggling Life's blog, and so I followed you here. Glad I did!

Cara said...

Wow, that was so cool. Thanks for sharing.

ragdoll said...

Thanks, Mary for coming by. Bring your dog-cat with you any time. Ummm, since Jim's retirement, and our 24/7 time together, we have become cat psychologists to our four, and I must say it helps with their little idiosyncrasies, especially with Missie, one of the twins who really wishes she were an only child. We have our shingle hanging our front indicating our specialty.

JOKING!!!! We just have so much fun with them, making up stories as to what they act like they *might* be saying. It is true, though, that Missie appears to not want any of the others to get near to me. ???? Wish we could know what goes through their minds? How is your dog like a cat? Maybe we should get your dog, Cara's Baby, and our babies together! LOL

Please do come back, and this perpetual grandmother (whatever that means ;) will be on the watch come September. We have another great-grand due in May. Love them babies!!!

Ragdoll Bille

ragdoll said...

Thanks, Cara. I've got to go check out Baby's stalker. Had some computer problems over the weekend that took up a bunch of my time, like say, requiring a new laptop when I really didn't want one. But such is life, huh?

This seems to have been a busy week, and not much time for just roaming around the blogs, and I want to do that today. I will for sure by your place to find out how Baby is fairing.

Ragdoll Billie