Tuesday, November 25, 2008


UPDATE: I was able to finally get some sleep last night, but the headache came aboard very shortly thereafter. Until the pain has slackened I am not going to be posting unless it is photos, and thinking of doing that sounds good and maybe even refreshing right now. That way, I can sleep as long as I need to ward off these ole scalawags, the most horrible things I have encountered!! It is somewhat relaxing to fiddle with my computer graphics, so I may find myself doodling with that, or just plain reading.


Here is a video I *played* with, doing different things. I took the pictures holding the camera above Ashton with my right hand, with him lying in the crook of my left arm. As you can tell, no focusing. At first I had a story line to go with the pictures, but that made it even MUCH longer than it already is, and I still may go in and shorten it now that I know some things to do. FUN!!! Too long? Just stop it. ;-) Shocked me whenever I got the music and the pictures to end at the same time.

Till later . . .

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