Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Get up and go day" is near

This coming Sunday is "get up and go day" again. Having been there for the port surgery, it seems like IVIG infusion is coming around much too quickly. I am going to do my very best to be ready to go in the afternoon. I want to stop by Circuit City and see if i can find what I need to download my Sony photo card. I really like what I have for every other camera, but you know how it is. Blegh! There's always got to be one. I'm anxious to see the pictures we took on the 31st of the bales of cotton. It is funny that those on the way to Jonesboro caught our attention for picture taking more than those at the gins here close to home. Reminds me of the kids always acting so good when away from home, but let them walk into the house, and within minutes, they were at it. Doing this blog has brought up so many memories. Not necessarily spectacular ones, just everyday living ones. Except for having trouble keeping up with things, life was pretty good. I could go off on a tangent right here very, very easily. And one day I might.

Ashton is doing great this morning according to his momma.

Let's see if I can't find some pictures to share on rainy, lazy days like we are having today. I have enough from over the past five years since Matthew (great-grandson & not shown here today) was born to fill in on any hard to *think* days, and that is without scanning those many, many years before then with my SLR and one-shot cameras. All I need to is to hook up my 35mm scanner and get my slides down here, and oh, my at the history that would burst! Oh, but I've been talking about getting my *stuff* from upstairs for so long, and nagging, nagging about it, they think I'm what? I know what to do, but just need a few arms and legs to help me make it workable. Do all *impaired* individuals go through this? I know there is more I could do that is just mind and matter (computer related). For instance, I could make me a graph to chart my blood glucose. like I had before. That does not require any body involvement, just my arms and hands, but like today, plus about a week prior, I have had to compensate using my fingers due to worse weakening of the outer fingers and arms. Cannot feel much with 4th and 5th fingers of right and left, and for sure have very little use of them. Of course I don't realize it until I go to use them as I normally do and they do not produce any results. Bummer!!! When typing (and I was an 80-90 wpm typist doing transcription) I have to take my right hand and hold down the left shift key when needing to use it. Just look at all the *I*s used just in the past few sentences. Then other times using that key. Sure slows me down, frustrates me, and makes me lose my yen for doing it. By the time I get along, I've sometimes forgotten what I was even writing from the beginning of the sentence. There are other things involved that affects my computer work that I used to do, too, and I am working really hard at restoring them (remembering how to operate specific software), but they just are not here yet. I need to recognize this, as well as everyone else. I had the tremors so bad a while ago that I could not control my hands at all, and I had to take a muscle relaxer. It is just now beginning to take effect. Jim just came in with supper. Taco salad. Let's take another BG and see if things are any better, before eating. My pattern is showing up exactly as always, and I had to take an injection about 30 minutes ago. Rise in the afternoon, drop at night.

Well, I fell asleep, and just been awake for about 30 minutes or so. Here goes. Ready to close up shop.

Ashley and Ashton, what a pair. He loves his momma!
Aren't those some pretty blue eyes?

Then, there is just Ashton by himself.
I cannot find the words to describe this one.

I guess this one sums it all up.
So there!
What a mess!!

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