Monday, November 24, 2008

IVIG in six hours now

In July when I transferred from inpatient to outpatient status, I was infusing 1000 at 12.5 ml/hr which took forever and a day, literally just as it sounds . . . forever, and then a day! Being inpatient, to whom did it matter, I guess. Anyway. I then found myself in a situation of needing to get that IVIG pooled blood infused by 8:00 p.m. each evening! THAT is MUCH faster than 12/5 ml/hr! MUCH, MUCH faster. It was either I push it faster or I had to stop the treatment. Don't tell me Dr. Cauli didn't know what he was doing. There are also some people you do not give an either/or situation. You either do it, or . . . ! I did it! Now, this was all in one day's time. The pharmacy did not know I was coming so no pre-planning, or expecting me, or anything like that. The IVIG had to be prepared AFTER I checked in each morning in a formula something akin to ?grams/kg body weight, the doctor filling in the "?", and the scales, ahem, filling in the "kg" for the body weight. You should SEE the size of the scales used to weigh me!!! It is a scale used to also weigh a patient while still sitting in their wheel chair if they are unable to stand, so you can imagine - oops! maybe you can't, so I'll take a picture next month . . . you remind me, okay? - anyway, for now, you try to imagine the size of this scale that is large enough to hold a wheel chair. You will, won't ya?

"?" grams/kg body weight

I am so sorry. I got this far but the headache has just become unbearable. I am just shaking and sobbing with shooting, stabbing pain. All was fine, and all it took to fire it off was getting up to use the potty chair here beside my bed. WHAMO! Scalawag! Deadly, ole mean scalawag!!!!! Yep. Exclamation marks for sure. Not over emphasizing one lousy bit. I had already cancelled tomorrow's appointment with Cauli because I was feeling so bad. It was only for a follow-up. ONLY? That's it. I can't stand it any longer. So, till later tonight or tomorrow morning or whenever, this is it for now.

Till later...........

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