Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the interim

This rest has been good for me. I definitely am doing better with the headache all but gone, except for a little here and there, and none working into the severe status. While *down* resting, sleeping, or just whatever, I have worked on the great-grandchildren's photos doing decorative work with them. I will start with the granddaughters next, but I still am not going to push myself. Rest is the first thing a myasthenic does for him/herself. It is amazing how restorative it is if your problem is MG based. Cannot say this is a 100% situation, but it is the first thing I should do for *MY* Myasthenia, and the hardest for me to accept! My eyesight is also very bad, with no clear vision at all, and I have had to increase the Mestinon. Means more rest, and being careful not to overdo it. With Christmas, I will be adding bits and pieces to my posts. I love Christmas. You will see that Kaitlyn has already begun decorating for Christmas in her picture as you view them. It thrills me that my digital abilities are returning.

For this cause, I am going to still take it slow and easy for the next few days now. We had just had so many doctors' appointments, the IVIG and other things, and with one on top of the other, Humpty Dumpty just came toppling down when the IVIG hit, I believe. All of this is still handling the IVIG much better than I used to do when I would have to sleep for two to three days after I came home. Interacting on the web is also very stressful for me, too, and I have to watch that, and remind myself I am not what I used to be, nor can I do what I used to do back when ................. oh, my goodness it's been back seven or eight years ago in Ring World days for me.

I guess you can call this *check-in* time for me. There has been a bit of excitement for me as I have found several CDs of PSP tubes from back around 2000-2001. So far upwards of 4,000, and it has been so much fun getting to use them again. Stay tuned, as I believe I will be able to post at least a little bit now, but do not feel it is time, yet, to place too many expectations upon myself.

Here are my four great-grandchildren, each in a photo that I have *played* with beginning with the oldest Matthew. I hope you enjoy. I had fun just playing around with them. Matthew, Kaitlyn, and Alexander are all from cell phone pictures. Please, be sure and click on the pictures here and view these in full view to be able to see all the entracacies I have done. Yes, I have used PSP frames, but have taken them on a bit further to make them *my own*. Before MG knocked on my door and pushed me down, I was making my own frames, so I still have a ways to go yet before returning to *beore* land. Enjoy.


Joy T. said...

I decided to spend some time today and go through some of the blog roll at the AllMediocre site. Yours is the first of many stops. It sounds like you are dealing with quite the health issues and I'm sorry to read this. But your spirit sounds amazing!! You are blessed with a beautiful, I loved looking at all the pictures you shared :o)

Jocelyn said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I know when you don't post that things are going bad for you. I love the pictures. Your great grandchildren are beautiful but then why does that surprise me-- just look at the great grandparents. I am trying to decorate my house for Christmas. I would like to have a few people over from the church and my house always shows better at Christmas time. The biggest problem comes when you have to take it all down. But it is worth it. My favorite time of the year. Jim's hardest. Somehow we survive it and I think he likes it better than he says. Please take care of yourself. You need to be sure you get the rest you need. You are the only one that can take care of the rest. Love you and pray for better days. Jocelyn

Ragdoll Billie said...

Hello, Joy, and welcome to my home on the web where I literally live every day. Please come back again because things change around here, as they are now, while I'm updating Coleman's situation.

I visited your site, and will go back at a time when I can stay longer, or maybe when I need something hung, painted, or whatever? Ya think? LOL