Monday, November 3, 2008

Going to Holland

My maiden name is Holland. I got lots of comments when I was growing up, most of them irritating (first it was BF (thanks Eddie) in high school, and then in nurse's training one of my *friends* would call out to meon the bus whenever we were passing B. F. Goodrich on our way to Memphis State from Baptist Hospital).

Because of my name, I have been drawn to the country of Holland all my life, always wanting to go, even so today. While I was active in the graphic arts community before losing the use of my arms and hands, I came in contact with several ladies from Holland, and got to talk to them personally. It was so interesting to me. Isn't the Internet grand? If life could not afford me my dream, at least the computer and cyberspace has. Now that I am getting "somewhat" back in the grove again, when I am able to stay awake, and have more free time, I may become active in or more of those groups again (I remained a member, just No Mail), plus I could use some help in relearning my digital art craft all over again. I've kept receiving my tech newsletters and such, but it has been so long, I doubt I'll be able to read or check through them. All I have to do is delete them, and start reading with today, so that is a plus. Anyway.................... my digital graphics, especially photography, is pulling strongly on my heart. Between that and Childhood Cancer awareness, who has time for Myasthenia Gravis?

I know I have to find a workable treatment, and I need to report on my life here with MG for you and for me, else without finding a doable treatment (the imuran coming up?) I'd not be able to do these things that are important to me. This is why you will see so much of the two, especially the Childhood Cancer awareness. So, do not think I am off on a tangent when you see so much on PAC2 and other items of CC (childhood cancer). This is to tell, to show you that MG does not have to consume your life, that it can be fuller, and when you are working to help the 46 children a day who are diagnosed with cancer, well, you can try to give it all you've got to get out of this bed and get to the reunion of the Holland part of your, well, my family I guess, and that is what I have for you today. Mine is older and a smaller group than Jim's was. One of them told me about being a little girl who used to dance for her whenever I........ oh, I'm stealing from a photo description now. Let's go find it (no, I'm not going to dance for her again now at 66 and in a wheelchair). Here we gooooo to Lake Enid.......

I smell food. That means there are people somewhere nearby, don't you think?
It usually does, especially in these surroundings.

Here come some people, some I know, but a few I do not. Why, I do believe I know this first fellow, and a very fine fellow is he. Ahhhh this is my son whom I call Jimbo, and have been doing so since he was a baby boy in his stroller in Izmir, Turkey, where he was born (slides and scanner upstairs and Jim won't let me go there..... hahaha we'll see). We had a hooded sweatshirt for him that said "Jimbo" across the front of it, and the Turks would stop us, and sound it out "Jeembo" because "i" was pronounced as an "e" in the Turkish language. Oh, the fun we had in Turkey after he was born! Okay, okay, enough of the personal garb.


.....and here he is..... waiting for the eating to begin son?

aaahhh, it was about time.

Donnie, the best daughter-in-law there is.
She tells me it's because she is my only one,
but that just is not true.
We are privileged to have her in our family.

Here they are, Jim & Donnie Wages

Donnie is the only one I know the name so far
but I am trying to find out.

Oooooo big group. Here is who I know:
Aunt Margaret, Uncle John, Yours Truly
and Sis.

More *I don't knows* except for Donnie.

There is me on the far left, Sis, Uncle John,
Jimbo to the far right, and that's all I know.

Whenever I saw this picture I knew Uncle John
and the photographer were acting up
(it's enevitable with them). The question is
who is trying to make the other one laugh by
pulling a funny?

Yep, it looks like John Hess can barely keep the
drink in his mouth because of trying not to laugh!

Aunt Margaret and Jimbo sitting way in the back.

I'm sure Aunt Carolyn is just straightening
the desert table. Surely she is not getting into it.

This is Sis. Or so my husband Jim told me.
She told me she was my Aunt ? I forgot and
have been trying for two days to find out her
real name.

We have to stop right here and take a break for I have a story to tell you. When I was just a widdle gurl (that's really little, you know) I used to go to Mississippi with my Nannie and Granddaddie to visit some relatives there, and Aunt ?, also called Sis, was one of them we visited. I remember going. I sat on the sofa like a very nice girl so prim and proper. Now one thing I do not remember very well, was that she said I would always get up and dance for them. Remember, this was in the 40s, and children did not speak unless spoken to, so I know I did not speak up and say, "Would you like to see me dance?" Also, if you knew how shy I was you would reel-ly know I wouldn't even have the courage to open my mouth to speak AT ALL!! They used to bribe me with a nickle just for me to talk.

However, when asked to do something like - drum roll please - dance for them, who was I not to obey. No, really, I just cannot imagine this. Think she was put up to saying all of this? Well, as she told it to me, I would get up and dance for them, and was actually quite good. Oooooooo Sis! Your memory must be failing. But she had everything else all so right. How did she miss on this? Okay, let's say we believe what she said is true. First it is out of character for me, but the biggest and bestest - I had never had a dance lesson in my life! Oh, wait, I remember, I used to sleep walk. Think I just got caught sneaking out of the house to go to dancing lessons? Naw. I was too little for that, for the sleep walking took place just before my teen years.

This is one thing that I just cannot picture in my mind at any time of my life. I rather like it, so I think we should just accept it as fact, no question about it. Now, on with the show..............

An "I don't know."

Another "I don't know."

Aunt Margaret, Aunt Carolyn, and me.

Aunt Margaret and me on the left.

"I don't know, me,
Aunt Margaret, and "I don't know."

Another "I don't know."

Don't know, but he sure is a cutey.

That end of the table and these three again.

The same but looking from a different direction.

More of the same. I think the photographer likes me.

This is Sis telling me the most loved story about me.

John Hess ~ You couldn't find a nicer guy.
Aunt Carolyn you did good when you got him!

Uncle Carroll ~~ another super, super guy.
A fond memory of going to Sardis when the girls
were small.

Aunt Carolyn and Jimbo over on the right

Aunt Margaret and Jimbo

Aunt Margaret ~ she's still pretty after all
she's gone through. Such a pretty smile.

Wonder what John Hess is saying to the
ladies at the table next to him?
Looks a little devilish doesn't he? Him? Noooo!

My photographer, for my pictures was my Jim. Then Donnie, Sallie, and I'm not sure who all else sent pictures that were sent and were able to be included here.

Thanks to every one!

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