Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Re-port time scheduled

That is portacath. Nurses have been telling me for several months that I needed to talk to my doctor(s) about having my portacath redone. I finally let Dr. Cauli know about it at our appointment last Friday, and now it's all scheduled and ready to roll. Julia called today to tell us I am scheduled for this Friday, the 7th, at St. Bernard's at either 8 or 9 o'clock....... whichever, it is early (Jim just informed me it is at 7:00 a.m.!). Going through One Day Surgery.

So, now my nurses that need to access my port every month are going to be able to send me for a new, better placed one, as mine is so very deep it takes the longest needle and one nurse has to push on it really hard while another does the needle stick, and I have to give a certain amount of presure against them. In essence, then, it takes three of us in actuality. That's why we get excited when we get a blood return, and you see a title of "Accessed" here. I've had some nurses not even be able to access it, and have to try a vein instead. Hopefully, this will solve some of those problems. Also, if I can get to be able to move around better it will help my area around my bed get and stay looking better and cleaner. It looks and feels like a trash heap, and I don't know how to do a better job. I did a little bit last night, and once I've done all my internet and other stuff (that's actually the fun stuff ;), I may try to get up in another hour or two and do just a bit more, that closer to my bed. If I can, I can. If not, I can't, but I hope to try. Haven't been over to PAC2 yet today at all. Wonder what is considered gold for childhood cancer awareness. Maybe I ought to write down these numbers for future reference because that looks pretty close to me, I think.

Here are two pictures granddaughter Jennifer sent this week. Had them ready for emailing, and still may try to get to a few friends. Oh, I think I should have made his name in brighter colors. Think it's worth it to go back and redo it. He is such a beautiful baby. It is killing me to miss seeing him and Kaitlyn. It has been two years now. Good night now, Alexander. Good night. Sleep tight. Hope I'll see you one of these days.

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