Saturday, November 15, 2008

Perioperative Nurse of the Year

I received a text from my son yesterday afternoon. He was forwarding a text he had received from my favorite daughter-in-law. It read: "All my coworkers voted me the perioperative nurse of the year. I got I50.00 gift card and a framed plaque!!"

Now, haven't I been telling you I have the best daughter-in-law in the world? She says it is because she is the ONLY one I have and I keep telling her that is not true. She could be the only one, and still not be the best. Read on. You will see.
This picture was made back in February'08, when we met as a family to discuss how we were going to handle things when Jim had his prostate surgery, what with me being confined to bed and needing continual care. We had never drawn a congregation like this before, and I will tell you that Jim and I were more than a little bit nervous. We were already nervous over his cancer, and the upcoming surgery. We had always done things, just the two of us (no choice), and there had already been intimations of them (the kids) having some ideas of "doing this," "doing that," and I'll tell you it did not feel good to us. And who was right there in the middle of things, speaking her opinion? Yeah ::nodding head:: you got it. Not butting in, but blending in as a family member, loving and being loved, ready to do her part in this family drama...... taking care of Pops (that was hard to write, Donnie, because I've never been able to migrate to that name - it belongs to you and Jim)

Each morning everyone in the family, friends and co-workers receive a Good Morning text message from Donnie. We can usually tell whether she is working that day or not depending on what time that text come through. Believe me, they do not come real early on the days she is not working. She is catching up on that much needed sleep.

Donnie worked in manufacturing plants and steel mills from age 16 until she and Jim moved to Mississippi in 1998. They had only been in Senatobia a few weeks when she decided to go to college instead of finding a job. After three years of full time schooling, she graduated with honors from Northwest Community College, Senatobia, MS, in 2002 at the age of 37, whereupon she went to work at St. Francis Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee. There is no doubt about it, Donnie loves nursing, and Jim says he believes she was born to be a nurse. Her heart and character gives her a natural instinct to take care of others.

There seemed to be something missing, or maybe not quite befitting of Donnie with the use of the word "instinct" so I looked it up to find all the definitions, and here is what I found.
an inborn pattern of activity or tendency
a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency
a natural aptitude or gift
Of those, I think of Donnie as having a natural gift. There is something Special, something Spiritual about that portrayal, because when God made her, he made her something special right from the very start.

Donnie, I could not find very many pictures of you with which to create this video, my very FIRST video, because you are always the one behind the camera catching memories of your family. Ummmm, sounds like someone else of whom I am vaguely familiar.

As you have stated that you are glad to be a part of this family, let me say that WE are glad to share our lives YOU. Please accept this video as a token, a tribute of that union which is just a branch of that one you and Jim share together.

We love you, Donnie, and are more proud of you than words can tell.

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