Saturday, November 8, 2008

Received this week

Well, what in the world would I have received that I'd want to put up here?

First were these "little Jennifer" pictures.

Look at the squiggly little nose. Isn't she adorable? Her mother ~ our 1st granddaughter~ looked just like this............ unbelievable!

But wait.................. there's more......

............giggle, giggle, holding her tummy, she's laughing so hard it looks like. Spittin' image of her mother. I want to see her; it's been over two years!!!!

When she was three months old, she and her Mammaw, ahem, that's me, got so tickled in Wal-Mart, Dayton, and we laughed and laughed and laughed (she a baby laugh, me tickling her, only getting louder and louder). I HAVE to go and see these children, three of my four great-grands! and they are GREAT!). I miss them sooooo much! Somewhere I have to find the money. It is not going to be long before I am going to be able to DO IT. I'm just gonna be able to DO IT! Let's DO IT!

Then I believe these are Halloween pics that Jen sent.
Who is this fine fireman? Looks a lot like Matthew to me.

This was a dark cell phone pic, but I managed to get pretty pink what from it? Are they at Granny Ann's getting Trick or Treats from her? She has Alexander in her arms. He goes for the bottle still.

Only missing Ashton, and I've text Ashley for a picture of Ashton's Halloween dressup. May be one at MySpace. I'll have to check there and see.

So, this is my joy for the week. Thanks Jennifer Anne! I really do appreciate it! We really do want to see more of Matthew, though. Never satisfied am I? hahaha

I love you bunches and bunches!

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