Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ring ~ Ring

No, it is not a phone to answer. It is for everyone to look at my hand. Right now it is my right forefinger until we get it resized. On it shines the most multicolored brilliance. And it was the biggest surprise! Never, ever expected that.

We went for my appointment with Cauli last Friday, Robert's birthday, and I was caught up in the day, a bit down. Jim tells me that he had put something aside for me back at the first of the year, thinking of this coming Christmas. However, with the way I was feeling, he wanted to go ahead and give it to me then rather than wait (he's an on-the-spot-appeaser). He thought I would appreciate it more now, that it would mean more to me now. I told him the way I was feeling that day he was going to make me cry, and that's when he told me he thought I needed it more then than wait until Christmas.

After my appointment with Cauli, we went to Chili's to eat. See what they have on their front door? We went on around to Barnes & Noble; Jim went in to get me a coffee and couple of mags while he went into the jewelry store to pick up his ring he was having sized. He came out with a larger bag in his hand, and placed it beside me. I was reading an article in U. News & World Report on cancer, and was a bit nonchalant about it. I found a stopping point to take the time to check inside of it. He confirmed it was what he had told me he had put away back at the first of the year. Well. I knew there was a high probability it was jewelry. heheheh That made me go just a leeeetle bit slower to prolong the mystery.
Out came a box, okay.
(pictures are made on the back of Callie lying in bed with me)

open that box to a pretty velvet box.

Callie continues to hold the pretty velvet box
(funny the different lighting shows her up differently)

Open that pretty velvet box to a beautiful glimmering, shining ring of 8 real stones set in 14k gold, one row for each of my granddaughters, and then one row for each of my great-grandchildren, four of each, total of eight. Pride? You bet!!!
Granddaughters: Jennifer, Ashley, Hannah, and Christen
Great-grandchildren: Matthew, Kaitlyn, Ashton, and Alexander
Say, "Aaaaahhh."
I think you can get a better look if you click on these small pictures to see the large ones.

Here is the ring with my hand on my Razorback throw, solid side up.
I think you can get a better look at it here. I'm just showing it off from all angles.
A very proud grandmother. I wish I were able to be with them all. I'm trying. IVIG infusions...... I'm trying!

My, my hands sure are looking old. Wonder what is causing that?

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Jocelyn said...

What a beautiful ring. I'll bet you did cry. I am running to stay behind these days. Cleaning out the entire house and selling off a lot of stuff and a lot of junk. I now have a mess in every room and Jim is going nuts. He is having a hard time with his depression right now. I feel so sorry for him. But since "All Things Are Possible With God," and all strength comes from Him I am sure that things will get better for him soon. Love you. Jocelyn