Friday, July 3, 2009

Ptosis and infections continue

Same old story, and I don't see much chanch of it changing significantly unless medications are changed. *My* Myasthenia has me immobile because I simply cannot see things around me, even on my bed. Being immobile due to my legs has been workable because I could compensate with doing things in my bed, but when you cannot see, well, that causes a problem. I am still getting some things done, but it is taking longer, and it is more difficult. Don't ever let anyone ever tell you any different.....your eyesight is very important. I still have good vision, it is just that I cannot get to it due to the ptosis, that eyelid muscle impairment from the myasthenia. I have thought about taping them open, but that can make the lids tender. Then there are the UTIs. Whatever would I do without them returning, and returning. Actually, I feel they never go away. This is what I battled in the hospital, and had the IV antibiotics (shown at right) for. Wonder if I'll ever be able to squelch them with oral meds? Probably not as long as I have the kidney stones. It is a scary thought for me. An irritating one, too. I get soooo tired of treatments for everything, and *no treatments* for other things. I sound like I cannot be pleased, but it is my body that is telling the tale. I am just relating it.

A new feet. My swollen feet. Very swollen feet. It is my sister-in-law's fault because she asked about my swollen feet and legs. They were fine at the time, and low and behold they swelled just after that! Peggy, Gladys Louise, I'm coming for your girl! Just joking. She's my favorite s-i-l, my only s-i-l, and I really do love her! Now where's my picture of her when I need it. Not loaded for easy retrieval I see. Have to fix that for future reference.

They first swelled like this three years ago, and it was like moving a mountain to get them back to normal. Now, here we go again. I'm not sure I have the energy to wrap, rewrap, rewrap these feet if that is what is going to be necessary. Ugh. They *did* get me a new pair of shoes last week; that was nice. While the shoe department was full of beautiful shoes I would have loved to have tried on and chosen from,
::sigh:: this was the only pair I found that would work, covering only my toes, leaving the swollen, painful part untouched. Once determining they were what I wanted, I then wore them out of the store just like the little kids do. Well, it was that or keep going around in my socks. I looked in the mirror as we were leaving the shoe department, and as I did so, I took a picture with my cell phone so I could see how they looked. Some people claim they only use their phones for making calls. Oh, my! I was noticing how mine is actually a complete little computer. Love all the high tech toys nowadays!

On another bright note look at what I have sitting in my shelves beside my bed that I can look at each time I get up in my chair. Ashton left it here the last time he was here. No, actually, it was the time before last, and when they stopped by here on their way to Blytheville the last time, and Ashley saw it, I asked her to not take it with her so that I could have it to see and think of that sweet little boy. That little boy who is going to bed by himself now. What a BIG boy he is getting to be. He is getting ready to be a big brother as it won't be long before Emma joins the family. Oh, boy, for Ashley! Two children, and one of them a two year old.

I'm off now to try for another day, night, whatever it is for me, for you.

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