Saturday, July 4, 2009

On this 4th of July, thank you Jim

This Independence Day, the 4th of July, thank you to my husband for the twenty-three years that he gave to the United States Air Force. Today, more now than ever before, I feel the magnitude of the sense of duty given by him and all men and women who have served in one of the fields of service for our country. This also goes for my daddy, and uncles, with Daddy receiving a shrapnel wound in his back in WWII.

During all my years growing up, whenever he would be in the floor playing with Brenda and me, and he would have his shirt off, I would question him about the deep scar in his back, he would never give me a direct answer, brushing it off as "nothing," leaving it for later in my life for me to learn of the debt he had paid.....the purple heart he was awarded, but never talked about.

I married into the Air Force. Jim served another nineteen years after that, our three children being born at three different bases, then carrying them half way around the world and back, and all across the USA. There are no pictures of his later years here with me I don't think, that I can scan, so all I can give you are the ones he has already scanned of his early years.

The 12 year old boy growing up
Graduating from high school in 1957
On into the Air Force in September.
Here with Johnny Sims.
In the barracks in 1959
Now with a stereo and TV at Gunter.
Good looking isn't he?
See why I was willing to marry him,
and follow him around the world?
The "Chief" today.
Still good looking!
I'd still go with him today.
Just get me out of this nursing center, and off we could go!
I couldn't decide on which picture to use,
so I put both of them here.
Notice he is wearing the same shirt in both.

Thank you, Jim, for your years of service to your country.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Billie-
I hope this finds you with a smile in your heart. I've been absent from the computer some, it's all I can do to update Coleman's page some's been six months today since he went to Heaven, and of course we are missing him like crazy, but living on with HOPE in our hearts...something HE taught us- "NEVA DIV UP". :)
Caden is keeping us busy as usual-he is such a joy- and is missing Coleman too, but reminds us to smile!
Although I haven't had much time to check the computer, I hope you know I ALWAYS make time to pray for you, and I want you to know how VERY grateful we are for all the prayers and support you have given to our family while you are going through your own illness. It means so much to us.
God bless you Billie.
Please pass our thanks on to Jim as well for his service to our country! Sure enjoyed the pictures of him.
Happy 4th of July to your family-
Much Love and Many thanks,
The Larsons

Billie Wages said...

Dear Peggy.....
It is so good to hear from you, and that you are too busy with LIFE to keep up with this such correspondence, though I surely do want to hear from you! You know I understand your feelings of Coleman, with my own feelings of the loss of Robert, too, even these 24+ years later which Coleman's death brought clearly into view for I had become so attached to Coleman. I have adopted his "NEVA DIV UP" and am at the moment wearing another of his shirts. I have really connected with you all as I walked some similar steps along the way at the same time as he did. Strange, the little boy, and the old woman.
I *do* enjoy hearing of Caden and his activities and antics for in so many ways he is like Robert. Am I looking for similarities? Who can say? I believe you understand what I am talking about. It's probably like your being jumpy over Caden's headache. Things just aren't as simple as they once were.
Well, Peggy, I could go on and on talking with you as I usually get started, and find it so enjoyable. Just hang in there. You've got a long road ahead - the rest of your life! This year will be #25, and I am still walking it, still with some uncertainties. Write and talk whenever you need/want.