Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another avenue for my IVIG?

I had forgotten about talking to the Muscular Dystrophy Association back when I was getting my IVIGs at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis. At that time the person I talked to said it sounded like there was no doubt that I would qualify for treatment under their program. I didn't even think of them when I found out I could no longer use St. Francis Hospital for the treatments, and ended up here in Jonesboro. All for a reason.

Off I go to start going through the papers, and contacting them back in Memphis. Prayers are definitely needed. Also, prayers that I can bring my Caringbridge and CarePage up-to-date.

Jim has found some things I have been wondering about, about where they were, and if they would still be good....CDs that I burned from my desktop computer about seven years or so ago. I tried one out today, and it worked beautifully, and from looking over them, I am retrieving graphic work I have been so hoping to have. Yippee!!

Now off from here to begin working toward this new avenue to see what will become of it.


bettyb said...

I hope and pray that you get your IVIG treatments again and that they work extremely well. You are so strong. Keep up your hope.


Billie Wages said...

Thank you BettyB. I do too. Right now we are working on pain management again, adding another med today. Hopefully, that will work, and I can try to get the forms filled out. I'm not used to doing this. :(