Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming up for air

Oh, I am coming up from several days of surreal activity here.

Water, water, everywhere, but..... well, you know how it goes, but just where is that water? All around inside of me...everywhere...some of it staying put, some of it flowing freely, all of it not healthy, all of it causing a problem...One problem of it staying put, I have a picture of right here filling my foot to the point that appears to the point of bursting wide open. Just can't get that water to move on out of that foot. And where did that bruise come from? No idea. They told me in the hospital that I would bruise easily at the slightest touch of most anything, and this surely fits the bill. This surely fits the bill.

The free-flowing water.....it comes from my face still, no less, soaking everything before/below it, whichever you might call it. I folded a hospital towel which would make it several thicknesses, stuffed it in the upper portions of my gown/shirt, later to find the towel, gown, and whatever else I might have used there, totally drenched with a gooy, ooy, slimy, wet-with-something- or-other.....nasty. It is also coming from my legs. All of this has occurred previously; not new. Same places as before, just not as profuse in my legs right now as previously - yet. I say yet because when I was in the bathroom last night I noticed it was trickling down to the floor which it did do before, pooling below my wheel chair. It even did it in Dr. Saeed's office to the point that he was unable to run my special emg test, different from the one he had done in Dr. Latiff's office, he had scheduled. He looked at the pool of water, and asked, "What's this?" and we told him we didn't know, but we hoped he could tell us. Nope. Again, another shrug of the shoulders of the many unanswered questions I have endured the past many years.

I am tired of all the unanswered questions. I am going to pose the questions I have, right here. There is no one I have to worry about offending. I am also going to speak how I feel about staff at Skilcare not listening to me for I have a very strong feeling of paying my way here. They are not the only place in town, and if they do not want to listen to me, I will look some place else. NOT that I would be quick to do that parobably, but that I do not feel a commitment. I will get to work on the Muscular Dystrophy Association supplying my IVIG tests for me. I am just now realizing there is many more that just one fish in this great big sea. Maybe not in this corner of Northeast Arkansas, but.....well..... Let's just say that I think that my feet were not like this when I came to Skilcare, I have spoken and spoken about them, and have received no response of any kind. A nurse asked me how long they had been this way, and I said "weeks" and then realized I had been here for "months", it dawned on me it was while on "their" watch this had all occurred, well..... now I am looking at things today. Looking closely.

I am going to keep my feet no matter who gets their feelings hurt or whatever the correct phrase should be.

I'll be back in a little bit. Took a little nap.

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Gillian said...


I think you are right! FIGHT the people of Skilcare, and what other medical people who will talk to you. You HAVR more knowledge of their codition that any of them....you live it daily.

Sweetie, you just have to be a "bitch" and FIGHT!!

I read your blog as we get Internet on our travels. I hope you enjoy the postcards.


Gill Murray