Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pencil colors, cell phone, ENORMOUS feet, 288 blood sugar (that's down), more antibiotics, sleep,.....

.....First of all, where do all these things fit in? First of all, colored pencil colors..... fun sharpening 120 colored pencils! Then I'm running my Internet with my cell smoothly.....My feet look like they are about to burst with deep creases running through them, with minimal walking causing extreme pain (right Pat?). .....228...My current blood sugar after a good diabetic dinner two and a half hours earlier. ..... Antibiotics for the continuing UTI, and Sleep, mooooore sleep.....all day I've slept uncontrollably. While changing meds, I'm having to tritrate the one I was taking while going back on the previous one, so two of the same kind, both of which can cause drowsiness. You have that? I understand what I was trying to say, and that is what is important I guess. :-) On top of all of this, is my visual impairment from the MG. It is soooo bad now. I can barely see the monitor itself in front of me. I just keep pulling it closer and closer to me, memorizing more things on it as I go, double vision, what it feels like, rather like learning to type by touch.....each finger so many places to the right, left, up, down..... you know, just by feel. I just read that description, and it sounded crazy so I do not expect you to understand; guess you have to be here, experiencing it. Anyway, off I go! More sharpening pencils, and doing some drawing, practicing reaching around the keyboard.

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