Friday, July 10, 2009

Looking for Mama & Daddy

It must be tough to fall asleep one place and wake up in another, not knowing Gigi has taken you several place in between. This is as it was for Ashton tonight (Thursday) while Ashley and Billy went to visitation for Billy's granddaddy. Bless his heart, he looked so cute, I just had to put them here to share them with you. The story goes like this.....

From Jim, "Debbie is keeping Ashton tonight while Ashley and Billy went to family visitation for Billy's grandfather. When they took him to Debbie's, he was asleep. She took him to Penney's [.....], but he didn't wake up. Then, she went to Sonic, but he didn't wake. So, she brought [him] over to the house to visit with me. He awoke just as they got here - he realized Mama and Daddy were gone, and I don't think he was really sure where he was, probably still partly asleep. He got upset, wanting Mama and Daddy - he didn't want Gigi, Granddaddy, or the Happy Feet penguin. He cried for probably 15 to 20 minutes. Here is where he went to the door - I guess looking for Mama. He was a very sad little boy."

"You should have heard him when he was standing at the door and saw his Mama and Daddy coming to get him. The world was perfect again!!!"

Now, there is an interesting twist to this little story. Just to the left of Ashton, down in the corner is where the babies watch and wait for their mama and poppa. We can come up almost any time and see little noses pressed to the glass as they watch our every move, and what's more, you can see their litle mouths moving in a "meow" sort of way. They, too, are happy to see their Mama & Poppa! Is there something magical about this door? Do little girls and boys sense this is where they will come from if they wake to find them missing? Little Missie. I just know this is what happened to her. She woke one day to find Mama and Poppa missing, and they didn't come home at her appointed time. My poor little darling was a mess from that time forward. Yes, all the others watch and wait from that door, those lower window panes. They watch the postman. They watch for Mr. Luther. They know who is friend or foe. Ashton was watching with the same instinct as the babies watch. The magic. Where is the magic that brings us home? Where are the angels watching over Ashton? Be patient little man, the angels are watching over you. No, it's not magic. All day, all night, angels watching over me my Lord. All day, all night, angels watching over me.

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