Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My children, long ago - memories

Kay, Utah, October 31, 1972
We had just completed a tour of duty in Ankara, Turkey, and were awaiting base housing at Hill AFB. While there Bobby (later to be known as Robert) celebrated his 5th birthday. Nothing could deter us from having a birthday party for him, so after returning from school that day, we had a little surprise for him. Below are a few slides Jimbo scanned, and gave me for Mother's Day this year.

The birthday boy
Robert Sears "Bobby" Wages

Bobby and all of his presents.
Wonder what all they were?

The three:
Jimbo (7), Bobby (now 5), and Debbie (2)

The boys standing behind our new Volkswagen in front of the motel/apartment where we were staying, a really nice place.
We moved into our base housing in time for Jimbo's 8th birthday, and in time for the first snowfall on the day the mover's unloaded our household goods.

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