Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going home

I really just do not feel like writing, but know I really have to, and should. Thursday. Thursday I had an appointment with Connie for my eyes. The last time I saw her was just before I got sick, and I never had my follow-up appointment with the eye infection. The main thing with my eyes now is just the dryness. She gave me some drops, mostly just some tears, and that should help with the crustiness that forms.

After my apponitment with her, we went to Benny Bob's and got catfish! Yummy! It was 'lishish. There was stil plenty of time after that until my appointment with Gina to get my hair done, so we went to the house.

Three little kitty cats. How would they react? As predicted, Precious came to check me out to make sure it was safe to have me in the house, and she smelled me over from tip to toe. Once satisfied, she went about her way, but did stay within proximity to provide backup if necessary. Jim put Callie up in my lap, her giving her special little "mew" whenever picked up. She stayed there, but I could tell she would rather be down, so I obliged her, letting her down. Anna Kay, seeing my lap empty then, jumped up. She offered her head for rubbing and massaging. It wasn't long until Darling Callie was curled up beside me on the chest next to my chair where she stayed until time to go to Gina's to get my hair done.

This was the first time I had been back home since leaving on April 5th to go to Jonesboro to St. Bernard's for my IVIG treatment. How did it feel? I don't know. Not good overall, but I don't think I can go there right now. I don't want to put my thoughts down.

I do not know what the status of my blog is going to be. Since being in the nursing home, I am unable to keep a connection using my cell phone as my modem. A service with Suddenlink is available, but seems not to be affordable. I will just post as I am able to stay connected long enough to upload my entries. It is just not worth the hassle I have to go through, so my internet time has already been dwindling down, and I am finding other things to fill my days. So is the life . . . . .

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