Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making it to day two

Moving along to day two, Thursday, and improving from the urinary tract infection, getting a bit stronger as the day has progressed. I first had good news and bad news. My blackberry was found, however it had been through the wash! Yes, it was all clean. Question was, just how functional was it? I just laid it upon my covered leg, and went about my business. Later I looked down and saw the screen on. Picking my phone up, it was nice and warm from being on my leg and throw. There was limited function albeit only to the point in time of its splash into the water. Nothing new could be done, and no lights were working. Ringtones worked. We put someone else's battery on to it, and that was what got it to working so. That was all good news that it was probably salvageable but how long would it take, and just how much was it redeemable. It could take a while to find out. After a while it seemed the prudent thing to do was to get a new phone. I checked on E-bay, but then realized I was still looking at several days, maybe a week down the road of getting any phone I should find. Later, I sent a message to Jim on Facebook asking him if he would come over on Friday to help me rectify the situation. He said he will be coming over in the afternoon.

Any who are familiar with the drug pyridium will know that it turns the urine to almost red in color. Erin came in to change the patch that protects my right elbow from becoming a bedsore, and we caught up on the past few days' news. She didn't say anything in front of me, but upon leaving my run, she said to my nurse, "Have you seen the color of Mrs. Wages' urine?" We had talked of my infection, but she had not thought of my being on pyridium until Christa told her. Ohhhhh. Light bulb, eh, Erin. I'm sure it did give her some moments of concern, especially knowing of my hemorrhaging during my hospitalization.

While I was busy looking for pictures of Christen to print, a little gray sparkled head poked around my door, smile on her face. Welcome Tolice! And what a welcome it was!! How do we get into the conversations that we do? They are always so indepth. Surely they could give us a chance to solve the problems of the world. Bless her heart it hurts her to sit for an extended amount of time, and sitting in my chair is doubly hard. (Aunt Caroline, know what I'm talking about?) Tolice, I really appreciated your visit. Hope the poison ivy is getting better.

For those needing something more comfortable, I now have a soft high-backed chair for you. My roomate was moved to another room (what does that say about you if your roommate leaves just weeks after you move in???? ;-) when she returned from the hospital? Her bed had been near the air conditioner. She always fluctuated between hot and cold, having them turn it up or down. She also ended up with no cover over her many times, so there were probably several things contributing to her pneumonia. Judy, her daughter, was by to get her TV, and said she is not doing well at all. She said she has lost weight, and will not eat. I'm sure hoping for the best for her.

Myasthenia. Eyesight is really, really bad, worse in the past few days. Levaquin? I could see fairly well when printing pictures for Jim the other day, and the Levaquin is the only change I have had. Wait and see? Any other choice really?

Neuropathy. Feet and legs in much pain. We are trying a couple of new things. As Dr. Diamond said, we don't have much to lose by trying some things that are touted to help neuropathy pain. That's surely true. Even the pain med does not usually cut the pain.

Till later..........


Donna said...

I had terrible problems with Levequin and would urge people never to take this poison! If you want to read more about everyone's problems with it, read the web site and search: Levaquin

The comments will shock you. I am finally able to drive after 3 weeks off this drug. I had terrible leg pains, lower back nerve pain and shoulder pains after taking this drug. I also had terrible anxiety driving which I have never had before.

Cindy Breninger said...

Hi lady! How are you? I was thinking about you and wanted to say hi. :) Cindy