Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm on my way back

Finally! If all goes acoording to plans.....ahrumph.....I should hopefully be back here in the driver seat once again. That is today, Wednesday the 17th of June, 2009, at 5:20 a.m. If nothing else, the past two and a half months has taught us that absolutely anything can happen to disrupt your plans. That "absolutely anything" did happen, but it appears the road back is before me. make no promises at all as I map out my plans for the future, for things have to be will have to be a bit different than before.

In addition to all of this, I am switching to a new computer. A smaller, much easier to handle one. I, even with my MG weaker arms, can usually pick it up with with hand. Right now data is between the two.

I am also doing my printing now. My printer lives in the bed with me. My scanner is just beside me. Dr. Diamond was very pleased with my setup here, and all that I am doing, keeping busy. The next time I am up, I will take pictures of my arrangement which really looks like a mess. I have a litle spot where I fit in with everything around me within arm's reach.

My pain med is on any every four hour basis now, and I work around that schedule pretty much. I have been sleeping more the last few days, much of that due to the infection I am dealing with right now. It is on the mend, and I should be seeing a return to normalcy very quickly now. It was quite rough for a couple of days there, and my Foley got messed up some how, not draining properly, causing my bladder to overfill, then causing bladder spasms. We switched it out yesterday about noon time, and got it to emptying normallhy again, and that took care of the spasms and severe pain. Then we got the pyridium started, and now along with my normal pain med, it is all MUCH more manageable. Jim was here throughout the switch, and he was able to see me go from bad to much better by the time he left, and I was glad of that. First of all I was just glad to have him here, but it was comforting to have him here during my period of trouble, and then for my being all better by the time he left. My frowns turned to smiles.

So, here we go. I have no idea right now what to expect from me, and I ask that you do not either. We are just going to see what we put together. For sure the road is not straight, clear, and uncluttered, but I can deal with that, and I hope that you can, too. It is important that I do what I must do to adapt to my new situation, plus I am still recuperating from all that I went through in the hospital. I'm doing great, but the body doesn't go through that much trauma, and snap back overnight. Again, Dr. Diamond was pleased with how I am coming along, and said with my body, with all that I have working against me, I am doing remarkably well. I thought so, but it was nice to hear my doctor say so, and really encourages me. He said we are in this for the long road, said for me to just set up here to make it feel like home, which I am making good in-roads to doing. My bed is my home, along with the wall beside me. Pictures, have I got pictures. Printing. I have printing ability to print anything I want. Just keep me in ink. That's all I need. ;-) Oh, and paper, but I have lots of that right now.

I'm excited. Let's just keep the infections far away. That seems to be my biggest enemy I face. The rectal ulcer can be managed with the pain med. Doesn't sound like good management maybe, but I can only handle so much treatment at a time....easy does it. There are still the kidney stones to deal with, too, but in time. Everything in time.

My sister will be here in just a few days. No words to describe how I feel about that.

My cell phone is lost. Happened yesterday, and I've got to do something about that today. Jim got the Suddenlink connected this week, and it is sooooo much better now to not get disconnected all of the time. Thank you, thank you very much!!!! As icing on the cake is a return to the good speed I had with the dsl. Things are working out.

Ken got me a King Biscuit shirt from Helena. Thank you Ken. I will wear it today. Your blue shirt is pretty, but red seems to be my color nowadays, and fits with me very well.

What I woke to:

Then Ken came over:

Till later......


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