Friday, February 27, 2009

Moving along

Moving along but very slowly. In my opinion, I believe I still have symptoms of the kidney infection. No need telling anyont, though because I'm asymptomatic and they never believe me (Jim either) until they do a culture. Happens every time. One doctor even told me to tell them I am asymptomatic and to do a culture. HA HA What in the world is my word good for. Maybe if some doctors would have listened to me more in the past, I might...might, I say...have avoided some of these urinary problems. Maybe not completely, but maybe the severity. Who knows. None of us do. They missed a ruptured disc when I pointed out the symptoms very plainly. Ahhhh...but I'm just a complaining female aren't I? I'm just out for the drugs. Loaded down with kidney stones, but all I was after was pain medicine. I have to beg for enough to be comfortable to feel like other people feel. Nobody wants to hear me complain, yet nobody wants to get me what I need to be free of pain. I said I was thinking about writing about pain, but chose not to because it was so negative. Well malarkey!!!!! I'm not the only one encountering chronic pain. If my Rx comes in the mail, if crawling on my hands and knees to the pharmacy would get them filled for me, I swear I would do it! I doubt myself sometimes, surely I do. But only because others have doubted me.

See me go.....

.....the Rx came but I didn't have to crawl to the pharmacy thank goodness, Jim drove there for me. I'm feeling much better. I can move more freely. It was so sweet of him; just as soon as he looked at the mail he said he would go up there for me. I asked him if first if he would go up to Cherry Tree and get me a Snicker before he went to wash clothes, and he came back with a Snicker and a Sonic coffee, too. He surely helped to make it a much nicer afternoon for me and for us.

See you later alligator.

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Jocelyn said...

Sorry about the pain. I only know a little about pain but when it hits I get pretty ticked off if I can't get medicine. Right now I am recording every thing I eat because they refused to give me any more blood sugar medication until I have proved to them that I can't control the spikes with the medication I have. I am being very honest both in what I eat and making sure everything is listed. I feel like I have been put into a cage. I still have three weeks to go. All I can say is please God help me. Love you. Jocelyn