Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice storm, changed appointments, IVIG, anything else?

You bet!

A couple of young ladies, Mama and her twin sister Aunt Naoma and their friends; one of those friends is my Aunt Florence, Uncle Herbert's wife, mother of Tommy and Shirley. Right now, I cannot remember her maiden name for anything. I know I will before long, though. It is the picture of Mama I was wanting to put up here more than anything else, Leola Gregory Holland.
NOTE: I just remembered her name, and it was von Kannel, Florence von Kannel.

Where was I? This was during the war and Mama and I were living in the house there behind them. I've emailed Aunt Naoma but she does not recall ever seeing this picture. Quite likely since it was Mama's picture for as long as I can remember. I had wanted to know where Daddy was, because I know at one point he was away in training before he was sent overseas. I'll try some more to see what all I can find out, but go on and post this picture now.

More about our experience with the ice storm, and all else in a bit, as we have more appointments coming up this week. They are about to take their toll on me. Just keep on, keep on, keep on, going, going, going. My body just seems to be wearing out in addition to the myasthenia. I cannot be healthy to gain any ground with it it seems, just to keep the status quo. In patient, out patient...which is best? One thing over in patient I didn't have to get up and get dressed each morning. ALL of it is tedious and stressful, but if I could have my nurses I have right now, and not have to come and go as I do, that would be good. I'm just so very tired. It just feels like I can't keep going on, that each foot is heavier than the other. Quiet an anomily for someone who doesn't walk isn't it? A few weeks ago some were pleased at the reports they were getting from me, and now, listen to me.

So much for now. Time to get a nap before getting ready for today's trip to Joesboro for the appointment with the surgeon who will do my port surgery.

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