Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At a stand still right now, and pretty fatigued.

I'm going to have to take a break today. The changes in medications seem to be taking its toll on me, and I'm going to have to take stock of what I was taking versus what I am taking now. That means looking up those involved and see how they react if and when they are changed or added. Be back.


dottie said...

dI understand how you feel about all the medications you take. I too take a large amount for Osteoarthritis.Lupus,COPD,osteoporsis, and stage 4 chronic kidney disease. The SKD was caused by anti-inflamatories I took for the OA and the doctor never did blood work until my pulminologist sent me to a kidney doc. By that time my kidney function was below 30. When I hit 15 I have to go on dialysis. RFight now I am at 24. I have very bad feelings toward the doctor that did this. He could have prevented it. I take at least 15 pills a day and half that inthe evening. I need knee replacement but am not a candidate for it because I cannot be put in a deep sleep. Somedays the pain in my legs and feet is horrible. Sometimes pain meds help but most times doesn't. Those days I sit and hurt and hurt bad.

I have a good husband wwho helps me as much as he can. The kids are also helpful when they have the time. I have 6 children from 43- 31 yr. old twins. Also 12 grandchildren and 3 greats. In Sept. Don and I will celebrate 47 years.

Forgive me for rambeling I don't usually tell my life story to someone I don't know but reading your story I feel we both know what pain and pills are.


Ragdoll Billie said...

Dottie, I just came on here, getting ready to write for the night, and read *your* writing. I know what you mean about writing to an unknown person, animal, thing, or whatsomeever! I got my refill yesterday, and I am now at least partially able to live with. It is amazing that I have not moaned or groaned about my left leg/knee all day long, and I have actually enjoyed the whole day as it has begun to snow.

Please feel free to write me any time. I am right here. Lying in this bed. Yes, I have things I do on the computer, but I can always work things around. I don't have anything *that* important, except that I FORGET things! Oh, this month we will be married 47 years also. Guess we just wore ourselves out.