Sunday, February 22, 2009


Bobby says it's lots of sleep, but foremost of all was the call from my urologist giving me information concerning my urine culture. I needed a different antibiotic, said Elaine, the one I was taking was not hitting the bugs running around down there, so Jim did the running instead, and ran down to the drug store (old name for new name of pharmacy) and got the new Rx (ummm, stands for prescription for some people who aren't in the know) filled with capsules containing the drug, a safe, non-narcotic - people just say "drug" not meaning narcotic, but it can be misleading sometimes, like I "do" take three narcotics which are drugs of this sense. I like to be careful how I speak of them, though, because of some people's reaction to them. You know, they think if you take them, you are an addict. Oh, well, back on track. Jim went to the pharmacy to get the new prescription filled in hopes that St. Ni it would be knocking out this infection very quickly. No harm done to me though when it would do its "knocking" only to those little bugs. By Saturday I could begin to tell the difference; today (Sunday) a good difference. I must have been better in some ways because three babies were up here sleeping with me during the night. Awwww...made me feel so nice, warm, and snugly. It should have. The bed was full to overflowing. The following sign seemed to be so appropriate for the occasion.

Last Week for Blood Donations at Manic Mommy's Blood Drive

Please give in honor of me, uh, you know...because you know me, because you like me (you do don't you?). There are sooo many in need of blood, especially after the ice storm there is a shortage, and you see how much is used just for one person, and each of us is sooo needy, at least we tend to think we are. At least you need me to spread the word of myasthenia gravis if for nothing else, and I think I'm good for more than that! So...let's go, hand in hand, you pretend I'm there with you.

You know, my little buddy Coleman who died last month, so many of his little friends need blood. DO give in his memory. No funny stuff there. Oh, how I fell in love with him. And I still do have his twin brother Caden. You'll continue to hear about him. He's never known life without Coleman. Can you imagine? Whenever asked his name, he says Caden-Coleman. I know, Jimbo, you always knew your brother, too, but these boys lived their whole lives as one. It was life, fate which threw them together as one when babies. He's doing pretty good, though, speaking of his brother that "got died." So long for now. Headin' over to Facebook to see some of my high school friends.

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