Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mumble Jumble

I am getting ready to go to Jonesboro and there are interruptions galore, and this is the way things have panned out since I started this yesterday. I am going to stop now. . . you do not know where I am. hahaha

I am choosing a point, but I want to get this published. All I will say is that in addition to this, Debbie and Christen are down here now. She ate breakfast, has given me a manicure, and is now gone to get the fixings for lunch. So, here goes. And, I'm not even going to take time for a picture or two . . . I don't think so anyway.

Saturday morning (it was at one point). Well, the clock in the corner of my monitor tells me it is afternoon now. Yaaawn. No, I have not been sleeping all this time. I have played countless games of Mahjong, while I have unremittingly tried to figure out AllMediocre. Wow, there is so much there! It may be while I am being infused next week that I can take the amount of dedicated time to figure it all out. Unless............... some sweet soul from there will make an attempt to contact me. I notice how much AllMediocre has increased my traffic load, so someone is understanding it better than I am. My eyesight is bad today, so a lot of constant reading, has been a no-no, hampering my reading. Doing my best, though.

I am getting ready for a first. Tomorrow Jim and I will drive over to Jonesboro. We will check


Isn't that what they say and do whenever something big and newsworthy comes over the news wires ( I see "Miracle on 34th Street," and Santa coming into the court room?")? Anyway, I consulted with Jim, and he did not understand what I was talking about, so my feelings are not hurt if you do not know one iota of what I'm talking about, either . . . but, my aunt just called me.

It has been ?.?? years since we have spoken to each other! Do not misunderstand. I love her - doesn't sound like it, does it? - and I read about my uncle's death in the newspaper), and was very excited when I realized who Jim was talking to on the incoming call that indicated to me it was someone from my childhood/premarital days when he said "Billie F_." okay, you'll guess it anyway, "Frances, Billie Frances." Why, after all of these years am I'm trying to stay away from that name? Sometimes I'm okay with it; some times not. I guess that was a meaningful time for me in growing up, something like a snake shedding its skin, becoming an adult. One of these days, I'm going to have a television in here and I can watch Animal Planet, one of my favorite places. Okay, are you thoroughly confused here? My eyesight is bad, and I cannot find my way here, but let me try............
............. well I couldn't do it. This is where I was, and I have a feeling I erased part of what I had written, because the following doesn't make sense to me either. Oh , but, I do I know what I was referring to, and that no one has has called me that since we married, and Jim drove me out of West Helena, Arkansas, in 1962, and took me with him to Montgomery, Alabama, and a whirl wind life to the United States Air Force, where he was serving on his second enlistment. Well, thanks to technology, email and cell phones have made it easier for us to get back in touch with each other again. Not that we've been a zilliion miles away beyond the moon, but it has just taken a long time for me to get 2 + 2 to = 4 so that my Aunt Alice could call me.

Now, I am the niece. I am the younger. It is *I* that should have been the one to do the contacting, not her. Right? It is people like me that I talk about neglecting the older generation. *I* am a *next generation*, too. And, furthermore, it is my son (and his wife Donnie, too) of the *next, next generation*, that probably has had the most to do with us being in touch, second only to Aunt Alice picking up her phone, and making that sweet call. That *is* sweet isn't it Aunt Alice. and sweetly confusing. I just wish we could get Aunt Margaret computerized, and on here, too. Wonder if there is any way possible. We'll talk.

I told Jim afterwards that I know where I get some of my *me* personality traits, and something I didn't tell him is that I no longer am going to make excuses for the way *me* am any more. I know now it's in the genes! Yep! I'm anxious for us to get together, too, and as close as you are to Jimbo in location, Senatobia and Tupelo, I doubt it will be a problem. We'll just use email from here on out, and if need be, with cell phone covering the virtual no cost of long distance, I do believe we can manage a phone call if necessary. We do tend to engage in lots conversation when involved in phone conversation, though, don't we? I'm just looking forward to emailing with you, and catching up to date.

Readers, I promise to do my best to keep it out of your view, to keep from boring you, but I am not guaranteeing a boring read at best if I can help it, but you'd never know it was a sixty-mumbuled and an eighty-something or other just talking for almost two hours. We just had a lot of fun didn't we Aunt Alice? I'm looking forward to some more like of it! Time. Awake. Two valuable comodities of mine, even just lieing in this bed 24/7. When one doesn't get me, the other one does. But sleep does more often than the other one.

Oh, TIME, it is time to get out of here and get things ready to hit the road to St. Bernard's hospital and get ready for tomorrow, and on top of everything I am N E R V O U S . Will they be able to access my port? Will thy be able to get a blood return? How many this? How many that? I have a zillion question or two.


Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Cara said...

Glad to hear your Aunt called you.



Jeannie said...

I found your blog by surfing the net looking for a quotation! Obviously, me being me, I had the quotation wrong but Google came up with your blog first on the key words I put it.

Must have been fate or something, I have had a very quick browse and I will come back another time (when I have found my quote!!) but I wanted to wish you all the luck in the world.

I had never heard of your illness before, and you are very brave.

Congrats on keeping the blog up too, I had one for nearly 2 years but it all got too much.

Jeannie in the UK xxxxx